Bon Appétit | Pomodoro

Last Thursday began my President’s Day Weekend, as I do not have class on Friday’s–not too bad right? My friends and I wanted to celebrate the long weekend as soon as possible, with dinner plans to eat somewhere in the north end on Thursday night. My friend recommended this little place called Pomodoro in the heart of the north end, and I’m still thanking him today for it.

This place was everything I look for in a restaurant. Small, charming, reasonably priced, and of course, delicious. When you walk into Pomodoro, you are greeted by a tiny yet comforting place of only about 6 or 7 tables, meaning reservations are a must. Everything on the menu is also the same price, which makes ordering that much easier.

To start off my friends and I ordered an antipasto platter–a standard appetizer for any Italian restaurant. It came with fried artichokes, tuna stuffed red cherry peppers, (all of which I ate because my friends were too scared to eat canned tuna, something that I have eaten since infancy) goat cheese, burrata (basically fresh mozzarella that hasn’t yet fully formed on the inside)–do I need say more? We only ordered one platter, but the waitress brought 2 because she said 1 would not have been enough for all of us. What a woman.

Just as I finished eating everything off of both antipasto platters, a tray of freshly fried calamari suddenly appeared onto the table, without anyone even ordering it. I guess it was just something Pomodoro does, giving out free calarmi like it’s nothing. (The calamari was by no means what so ever nothing–I also helped to finish that plate.)

Stuffed with calamari and antipasto platter, I did not think my stomach could handle any more Italian food until the entrees arrived. I ordered seafood arabiatta over linguine, which is basically just a spicy tomato sauce full of shellfish and whitefish. (Arabiatta in Italian means angry, justifying the sauce’s kick–my Italian major does come in handy every once in a while.) Sopping up the rest of the sauce after I ate all of the pasta with homemade bread was something I just felt like I was forced to do, as I did not want to leave any last bit of sauce left.

Continuing on with the theme of the meal, right as we were about to ask for the check, the waitress brought over tiny pieces of tiramisu for everyone, again without charge–the correct way to end a fantastic meal.

On my way out of the restaurant, I made sure to tell the waitress that I would be back because believe me I will. I suggest if you want a high quality, meaningful dining experience, go check out Pomodoro. If not for all of the aforementioned reasons above, do it for the free calamari and tiramisu.



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