Taking the Semester Off

If this was a novel, I would probably start with a description of the barren, dry land that surrounds me, or the absolute squalor that makes up my living situation.

Thankfully, this isn’t a novel, and none of the above is true. (Except the dry part – Tokyo has dry winters *insert “The More You Know” GIF here.) So far, my life has basically been split up into two constants, and one separate, ongoing but irregular series. Exercise/move/get myself ready for everything in the morning as one constant, and work on online classes and personal projects (like this!!) in the afternoons as the second. The ongoing but irregular series refers to the personal revelations I’ve been having, but we’ll get to that and my online classes on another day.

Exercise is a wonderful tool, used to get into and keep in shape, both for aesthetic and physiological benefits. It IS worth getting up in the morning for (shady eyes @ gRillz, who is perpetually “going to start exercising tomorrow”), and is not that hard to keep up!


It’s kicking yourself every morning, to eat the breakfast, to down the coffee, to get onto the bicycle when your ass is still sore from the last three days of biking. It’s climbing the stairs to the gym (Seriously? Who designed that?) so you can reward yourself with the rowing machine (yay). It’s making each little decision, each point at which you could sit down, slide back into bed, not go as hard, or as far, that makes up the whole day, and eventually life that you lead. 

While I may have recently discovered that I could possibly (potentially) *awaiting results* {Patent Pending} may be a “Kinky Bitch,” this does NOT mean that I am a masochist. I don’t enjoy the burn. Each high knee I do is just another little confirmation that I suck at high knees.

But that’s life. And, with my current life, I wasn’t living the way I wanted. So, I’m taking the time now, while I can, to kick the shit out of life, and make me give it want I want. 

I’m not kidding.

The reason I’m trying to change myself is because I’m angry enough at the way I was before, and dissatisfied enough to make a change. The blender got too fast, and I, as the front, decided to leap out. But to leap out, it takes strong legs, and to land properly, it takes good techniques and habits. That’s what I’m doing. That’s why I’m taking time off. 


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