The Suite Life™ | Jane Pain

I am shook. This week I have been shaken to my core thanks to Jane the Virgin. Major spoilers ahead; continue at your own risk.

About half of our suite began watching Jane the Virgin religiously last semester, and we now that we’ve caught up, we continue to watch each week. We even have our very own GroupMe dedicated to Jane. We’ve split ourselves on divisive #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael lines, but Jane Gang is a wholesome group, and none of us, despite our own team lines, can comprehend the cruelty that was done to us this week. I have never written about TV shows in The Suite Life™, but after almost 24 hours, I am still reeling from the shocking and devastating ending of the newest episode.

I am in shock. There are no words to express how betrayed I feel by this show, which was at one point so full of care-free joy. But the fact is that, despite being an incredible parody of telenovelas, Jane the Virgin is still a telenovela in its own right, and huge dramatic reveals are not a first for this show. We’ve had not one, but two (!) dramatic identical twin plot twists, shocking deaths, and a gorgeous drug-dealer that has, on more than one occasion, worn a fake face. In the season 2 finale, there were a number of shocking, heart-attack-inducing moments, including (but not limited to) Michael getting shot on his wedding night.

Thankfully for the start of season 3, Michael survived. Unfortunately for the middle of season 3, he was ruthlessly killed off thanks to heart complications from said bullet wound while taking the LSATs. It was a quick scene that cut deep, even for me, having been #TeamRafael (and more recently #TeamPetra) for the vast majority of the series. This wasn’t a season finale, though. This wasn’t even a mid-season finale. This was the security of several calm and happy episodes being torn from the viewers mercilessly. All we saw when Michael collapsed was an understandably distraught and broken Jane getting the phone call of her husband’s death, with the narrator making it worse by reminding us of the fact that Michael did love Jane until his last breath. Oh great, and now I’m crying again.

For my suite, specifically our Jane Gang subgroup, this came as a completely unexpected shock (well, for those that didn’t find out spoilers beforehand). Even so, I still highly recommend the show, and I’m interested to see what the writers do with this new bombshell. There is definitely potential for them to handle this well, even if it’s tragic.


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