Does Following the Current Politics Make You Extremely Sad? Try These Fun Activities

Hey there. You may be wondering how we got here. Steve Ban– er…Donald Trump, former reality-show host and professional ass clown is the Leader of the Free World. (I know, scary in ink. Just try not to think about it.) So, if you’re as addicted to Twitter like I am,  you need an outlet to lift your spirits, ~especially~ after reading this piece about the confusion and chaos inside the White House right now. Here are some tried and true activities to make you feel happy again, even if for only a few minutes (yay!).

  1. Watch Beyoncé’s music video for “7/11”. This does not need any further explaining.
  2. Go to the gym to release some of that anger! Suggested music for a cathartic workout include: “Fight Song,” on repeat of course.
  3. Follow “We Rate Dogs” on Instagram.
  4. Drink.
  5. Start a rock and or shell collection.
  6. Reenact Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show in your living room.
  7. Drink.
  8. Try being a vegan! Then promptly stop trying to be a vegan.
  9. Apply to jobs…actually, don’t do that.
  10. Get a tattoo!
  11. Brew your own kombucha — gotta get those probiotics.
  12. Drink.
  13. Buy a knife sharpener and sharpen your knives.
  14. Dye your hair.

(Whatever you do: do not do these in order.)

But actually, if you’re discontented with the current political situation and want to do he something about it: organize, mobilize, and take action on a local level! Midterms are right around the corner.


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