The Suite Life™ | Heelys and Feelys

As a generation, we grew up at the perfect time. We have been able to reap the benefits of quickly advancing technology, are currently living in a time that future children will definitely be learning about in APUSH (re: 2017 inauguration on), and, more importantly, we had some of the best toys growing up. I am, of course, referring to the indescribable genius of Heelys. Remember those bad boys?


(courtesy of 123Skateboard)

It might be inadvisable to give children shoes with actual wheels, but parents didn’t seem to mind, even if a number of schools quickly banned them. I was a Heelys pro. I would Heely around my driveway, on the sidewalk, and in the house if my parents weren’t around. And no, I didn’t fall once (queue gasps of awe). And after some time, Heelys have faded into a distant memory (fun fact: you can still buy them). Until now.

My suite found a pair of Heelys in an abandoned closet in our hallway in Wren, and for a short time, we adopted them as the Suite Heelys. It wasn’t perfect since we are all different shoe sizes and these were an average size for men’s shoes, but we still went for it. Please note that it is extremely difficult to Heely in confined, carpeted spaces. Also note that I was the best at Heelying (like, so good).

The Heelys have made a great addition to our other hall sport activities. Although, if our RA asks, we don’t play hall sports. We have a cheap basketball hoop up for a comically small “basketball” which has also been the thing to play, but with a field hockey star living with us, everything seems to become a sport eventually anyway. Honestly, the Heelys have probably been the least likely to break something. It’s only the beginning of the semester, so no one is incredibly stressed out yet, but possibly stealing a stranger’s shoes was a great way for us to bond and come back together after winter break.


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