How to Get Away with Blogging | The Definitive Guide to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

We are so pumped for Thanksgiving break, and not because we’ll be able to enjoy home-cooked meals and see our loved ones. No, no. Thanksgiving Break this year only means one thing to us – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life finally will be released. We have been watching the Netflix trailer on repeat for the past three weeks (wow some of these people have not aged well). If you’re as excited about this revival as we are, read our guide to get you through these two weeks until November 25th, 2016 aka the best day of the year besides Christmas.

Preparation | Listen to Gilmore Guys:

We’ve talked about Gilmore Guys on this blog before, but they deserve another shoutout. The dynamic duo (not quite as dynamic as us, though…duh) comprises one guy who is an avid fan of Gilmore Girls and one is watching the show for the first time. They dissect every episode, every early 2000s fashion choice mistake made on the show, and every snappy remark Emily Gilmore has ever whipped out on this show. They bring on a guest almost every episode and provide a wide range of opinions on the show. We recommend listening to the podcast episodes that talk about your favorite Gilmore Girls episode (they dedicate one TV episode to one podcast episode) to relive the glory.

Preparation | Tell your family you’ll be MIA for a few hours:

So, your family has probably missed you and they probably are under the false assumption that they will see you all during the break. You need to set them straight A$AP Rocky. You will not be available for at least 6 hours on Friday during the break. And honestly, you should budget at least 24 hours to watching this show: 6 for actually watching, and 18 for pondering and analyzing the revival and crying because Richard wasn’t in it.

Theories | Dean is out of Rory’s life, will forever be out of Rory’s life, tbh never was in her life and those first seasons with him in it were all a really awful dream:

We are sorry, but if you are #TeamDean we need you to take a quick step outside and reevaluate your entire life. Our ~sources~ (Rachel’s dreams) tell us that the actor who played Dean was only on set for a day, which is great for us. Hopefully he just stops by and says, “Hey guys guess what?? I’m the worst!”

Theories | Jess only dated Rory to piss off Dean???

Okay hear me out (Merilla does not approve of this theory, so Rachel is taking the lead). Jess sees Dean with this girl, so he sabotages Dean’s relationship by flirting with the girl hardcore. Then, Dean and the girl break up, so Jess gets with the girl, only to be 100% emotionally unavailable to her. I really think that his hatred of Dean outweighs his “love” for Rory. OK MERILLA HAS ENTERED THIS SECTION AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY SHE IS #TEAMJESS UNTIL SHE DIES.

Preparation | Netflix and…Eat?

The entire 4-part special will be released on Netflix all at once. If we assume it is released exactly at midnight, you better take a nap the day before. Or, if you are used to staying up until 6am, just go about your day normally. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position, in your softest clothing, that none of your family members will disturb you, and that you’re prepared to straight up weep. If you don’t have Netflix, befriend that one person in your Physics class who is always watching Buffy reruns and get their account information. Alternatively, hop on Tinder and see if you can squeeze Netflix info (and a pizza tbh) out of a sucker. You need to approach this marathon the way Lorelai and Rory approach their lives – with an unimaginable amount of food. Get a few friends together and prepare a selection of pizza, Thanksgiving Day leftovers, coffee, Chinese food, candy, powdered donuts, and whatever other junk you can imagine.

How to Waste Time Until Then | Nap and Rewatch The Series

Midterms, schmidterms. Just keep napping until November 25th. Only wake up for meals and to watch TV. It’ll make the time go by faster. We learned that from Bill Nye. #ScienceIsCool.

In Conclusion…

We’re anxiously counting down the days. WE ARE SO EXCITED. This is literally a dream come true. Please don’t ruin our lives @Palladinos. No pressure though. Except all the pressure. The possibility of our 2016 actually ending well rests in your hands.

Stay weird, y’all. And oy with the poodles already.


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