The Suite Life™ | Why I’m Losing My Mind

It’s been “that time of year” since the second week of the semester. You know, that point in time where you low-key want to just not interact with anyone. Personally, I’ve been feeling that very strongly the last few weeks especially. Here in the suite, I’m losing my mind. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Midterms still aren’t over? Even though there’s only a month left in the semester? This is not how midterms are supposed to work, Tufts. Midterm = halfway through the semester—not 2/3.
  2. We’ve all been sick for the last forty years. Somehow, even though I am only nineteen, I have been sick for forty years, or like two weeks. Figuring that the “cold” had lasted too long, I broke down and went to health services (finally), only to be told that I needed antibiotics, because I, in fact, did not have a cold. Everyone is sick. We are all dying. I am death.
  3. The sun left. Even the sun doesn’t have the motivation to stick around at this time in the semester. If the sun goes to bed at 4pm, why can’t I? I need vitamin D to stay sane over here.
  4. Most of us haven’t had a home-cooked meal in months. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I for one cannot keep my mind from wandering to the perfectly cooked meat and veggies I’ll get to have in only a couple weeks.

I may write about losing my mind a lot. It’s dark humor at its finest, I guess. But losing your mind from the stress is one of the hallmarks of college-life. Just try and stay afloat and Thanksgiving break will be here soon enough.



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