The Suite Life™ | Dead Birds and New Beginnings

For those that are unaware, Wren is a death trap for birds. The spikes that are meant to keep our little flying friends from landing on ledges are too long, and so if a bird unknowingly hits the window, it falls back only to be impaled and killed. Yes, this is a dark image, and Tufts should almost certainly be doing something about it. Thankfully, no new birds have been added to the ledge just outside our window since the school year began.

I am no stranger to dead birds. This summer, I found a large crow dead in the pool in my backyard. Somehow, I ended up on a disposal squad of one. That day in the summer got me thinking — what is the meaning of a dead bird. I mean obviously dead bird = dead bird, but as an omen, what challenges will I seemingly have to face in the near future? Since I can’t predict the future, Google will have to do that for me.

Interestingly enough, dead birds do not symbolize death — according to the Internet, they symbolize new beginnings. Over the summer, maybe that meant the new school year. Now? With two bird skulls decomposing just under our noses outside the suite’s window, I’m not sure what our suite’s new beginnings are supposed to be.

Maybe my new beginning is having finally decided on a major! Or maybe someone in my suite will find themselves in an unexpected relationship. Honestly, maybe one of my suite-mates will fail a class and end up on an entirely new path (hey, not all new beginnings have happy endings).

Of course, I don’t buy into the whole “knowing the future” BS (alternatively, that could stand for a Bachelor of Science in Divination), but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. According to my fortune cookie from the other night, I’ll be learning a valuable lesson that I will someday teach to someone else, so maybe that’s what the omens have in store for me. Maybe I’ll be teaching someone how to properly deter birds without killing them.

Ultimately, there are a number of paths for our futures, and while it may not seem like three dead birds would have a positive impact on those futures, they might represent positive vibes*.

*We, in the gender-neutral Wren suite, do not condone the murder of birds, intentional or unintentional, in order to garner good vibes for the future.


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