The Suite Tries to Relax

Being in the mixed-gender suite in Wren is a blast. I can’t attest to just how different it actually is compared to all the other single-gender suites in the building, but the ten of us have had an excellent first month, despite the unprecedented stress of the fall semester. Here is how we have handled that stress.

  1. The drum. One of my suitemates got a drum. It’s reminiscent of the time my brother got bongos and my sister and I had to hide them from him, but so far no murders have been committed. Drums can de-stress, but at the cost of stressing out nine other very unhappy people.
  2. Comp homework (?). One of our suitemates has started using his comp homework to procrastinate, and I don’t mean the casual “Oh I’ll do that after I do comp.” He has repeatedly stayed up into the early hours of the morning doing homework that isn’t due for another week. This is presumably to feel good about being “productive” while putting off work that is far more urgent. (Freshmen, take note: this is not how you should relax).
  3. Watch 5 seasons of Veep. If you’re like my roommate, you can avoid sleep altogether. Doing an insane amount of work while watching five seasons of anything is incredibly impressive, but it definitely takes its toll.
  4. Working out. Personally, this is not my number one pick for relieving my stress, but thanks to our suite’s new “Fitness Challenge,” I’m one step closer to exercising out of sheer competitiveness. Technically, exercise helps for other reasons, but separate from the scientific mumbo jumbo, wanting to beat every single other person you live with thanks to an unhealthy competitive streak is also great for the stress (probably?).

Hopefully this list has been helpful in telling you what not to do (except maybe the exercise one; that could totally be useful). There are plenty of ways to relax while in college. If you want an actual piece of advice: go to Groupon and get a $100 hour-long massage for $37. That is truly how you win at the relaxation game, and I am speaking from experience (although, no I haven’t made my massage appointment yet).


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