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Over the summer, Rachel had a data analyst job. Rachel isn’t here to say it was boring, but she is here to say she spent her entire workday by herself. Luckily, she was allowed to have one earbud in her ear while she did her work. But if we know one thing about Rachel, it’s that she is a huge rebel who constantly disrespects authority left and right by listening with bOTH headphones in. Please don’t call up her old company and tell them about this, as Rachel is afraid she will get retroactively fired.

All of this is meant to say that Rachel had a lot of time on her hands, and she spent it listening to podcasts. What started out as a simple way to pass the time turned into an obsession. Here are Rachel’s favorite podcasts.

1) Comedy Bang! Bang!
Hosted by: Scott Aukerman aka Hot Soccermom aka Rachel’s newest love interest

This show is perfect for Rachel. Like, this is her sense of humor fit perfectly into 75-minute episodes. Comedy Bang! Bang! started off in 2009 by Scott Aukerman. Are you guys asking yourselves, “Who is this guy? I just Googled him and he looks like the ultimate dad.” And I’m here to tell you that he is everything to me. But he also is the co-creator behind those Between Two Ferns videos. Okay, I digress.

Comedy Bang! Bang! follows a very loose formula of interviewing a normal person for the first segment, then the remaining segments Scott interviews characters that are improvised by fantastic comedians, including Paul F. Tompkins aka Mr. Peanutbutter. Everything is improvised, which just proves how talented these comedians are. Rachel cried at her desk at least once a day over the summer laughing so hard at this podcast, and if you don’t even try to listen to it, she will drop you as a friend with zero remorse.

Rachel’s favorite episodes: Any of the anniversary shows, any episodes with Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun (from Orphan Black), the Solo Bolos with Ben Schwartz (aka Jean Ralphio from Parks & Recreation).

2) Here’s the Thing
Hosted by: Alec Baldwin

Okay on the surface, this show works only because Alec Baldwin’s voice was MADE for podcast/radio. However, once you dive into what this show actually is, you see that Alec Baldwin is a great host/interviewer. He typically interviews important people, including actors, directors, policymakers, etc. Basically, people that have impacted our society in some way. He is genuinely interested in the people he interviews. This show doesn’t come out weekly, which is a shame, but Alec Baldwin must be super busy constantly hosting SNL.

Rachel’s favorite episodes: Julie Andrews, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer

3) Straight Up With Stassi
Hosted by: Stassi Schroeder

Uh, there’s no other way to put this. This host is from the best guilty pleasure show out there,  Vanderpump Rules. For those of you who are not aware of this show, Vanderpump Rules is a spin-off of the Real Housewives series; aka it’s all the drama that is too trashy for Real Housewives. But honestly, don’t listen to the haters. Stassi talks about “important things” like relationships and love, but Rachel only listens to hear her take on the drama in the last Vanderpump Rules episode. She recently had her ex-boyfriend on and made him take a sociopathic quiz (spoiler alert: he tested positive). Listen to this if you want to separate yourself from your reality and join the fake reality that is Bravo TV.

Rachel’s favorite episodes: Basically whenever she interviews any other costars from her show.

4) Nómadas
Hosted by: Álvaro Soto and Esther García Tierno

In case you didn’t know, Rachel went abroad to Spain last semester. She no longer has the opportunity to speak Spanish as frequently as she used to; therefore, she tries to find books to read or TV shows to watch that are written in Spanish. Nómadas was a perfect fit for her. It’s a podcast entirely spoken in Spanish. Granted, Rachel doesn’t understand everything, but she’s trying and that’s what’s important! Each episode, the two hosts travel to a new city, and it can be located anywhere around the world. They speak to locals, describe the important monuments, and teach the history of each city they’re in.

Rachel’s favorite episodes: the Boston episode, the Liverpool Episode

5) The Nerdist Podcast
Hosted by: Chris Hardwick

This podcast is kind of a mix between Here’s the Thing and Comedy Bang! Bang!- it’s an interview formatted show, but it’s hosted by a comedian, and it has some elements of improvisation. Chris Hardwick is a major nerd and is super cool all at the same time. He’s also a really good bowler (fun fact). Chris Hardwick typically interviews people in the entertainment industry. Instead of a quick 5-minute interview on late night talk shows, this podcast is well over an hour, meaning that Chris Hardwick can explore an artist’s past and thoughts more deeply.

Rachel is going to see Chris Hardwick in concert in a month, so she’s really excited to see him talk about nerdy things she doesn’t really understand (she’s only seen 2 of a star war). Chris Hardwick if you’re reading this, can Rachel meet you backstage after the show? She’s kinda cool.

Favorite episodes: Scott Aukerman, Andy Daly returns, Lauren Graham

6) Gilmore Guys
Hosted by: Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe

This podcast really is so satisfying for Gilmore Girl fans. Two dudes (one who has seen Gilmore Girls before, and one who has never) watch an episode each week and talk about it in their podcast. An average episode of the TV show is roughly 40 minutes, and the Gilmore Guys have episodes that are well over 2 hours. So they are very thorough. This podcast is awesome because they elucidate subtleties that maybe some fans overlooked. Gilmore Girls is a very complex show that draws on events that happened seasons before the current conflict, so using Gilmore Guys as a guide is not a bad idea. Also, they have great co-hosts, from comedians to people who were actually involved in Gilmore Girls (including the actor that played Luke!)

Favorite episodes: Any episode with Jason Mantzoukas, 3×07 (the 24-hour dance marathon episode), 4×22 (the dry run of the Dragonfly Inn opening)

Happy listening team!


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