Throwback Thursday: Warm Weather

Once again, we are back at a point in the year when my hands are freezing off. I have Reynaud’s Syndrome, which is a fancy way of saying that I don’t have proper circulation in my hands. So, basically, once the weather dips below 70º, my hands turn purple and prepare to separate from my body. My experience of the winter is this: homeostasis is a conspiracy theory made up by people that love cold winter weather.

Now you’re probably thinking, “But, Sami! Homeostasis applies to a much broader range of things than just internal temperature!” And I would ask you to please not be so literal and let me rant about how I need my Snuggie with me at all times to just survive while Tufts waits literal years to turn on the heating. Studying for biology while trying to maintain my own biological needs is a very difficult task. We are only days into October, and warm weather is a distant memory. Okay, yes, I’m a super melodramatic person– maybe the most dramatic — but I am dying in this weather. It’s rainy and gloomy, and while that’s probably a metaphor for my life if movies have taught me anything, I really miss the sun.

Winter is coming, and that’s a horrible truth in both Game of Thrones and the real world (Also, I’m so sorry to bring back that meme; I hate the meme addict that I’ve become). But if you have Reynaud’s (and lots of people do), winter means having an entire drawer in your room solely dedicated to hand warmers, too many scarves hanging in the closet, and winter boots on your feet once the temperature drops to 55º. I am suffering.

Maybe you’re wondering how this terrible rant is a #Throwback article, but I assure you that I am throwing it back to two weeks ago when joy would rush through me every time I looked at the Weather app. I miss the heat, sitting on the Prez Lawn, and I even miss being so hot that I sweat (alright maybe not that bad, but I hate feeling like I need to be wearing mittens every morning, okay?). I am throwing it back to better days, and those better days don’t have the same rainy cold. Give me my 80º weather or give me death.


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