Bon Appétit | Dorm Room Essentials

Let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE snacks/snacking/snackage/or whatever other word you want to associate with the consumption of intermediate foods throughout the day. Being home for the entirety of this past summer made me once again relish in the beauty of a constantly stocked fridge and pantry, both of which were always at my full disposal. Being back at school however, I cannot enjoy said luxury, as I don’t have parents to keep and endless supply of food running, nor do I have a normal-sized fridge. Here’s what I always try to keep in my room to resemble the glory that is a fully stocked fridge and pantry:

1.) Club Soda

I know what you’re thinking. What/why/how/when? Let me just explain. Big bottles of seltzer are key, as they give you the satisfaction of drinking something other than water, without all of the bad stuff. I love carbonation, just like most people, but have you seen those videos where people boil a can of Coke until all of the liquid dissolves and only the (insane amounts of) sugar remains? If not, please do, then go buy yourself flavored or unflavored club soda. (My favorite at the moment? Poland Spring Grapefruit.)

2.) Whipped Cream and Animal Crackers

This dynamic duo is combination that I have introduced countless friends to at home and they can attest that it’s irresistible. Reddi-whip is my go-to brand. Once you get past the slight chemical aftertaste, it tastes and feels just like home.

3.) Milk

Again, milk may sound a little odd to keep in a dorm room, but let me tell you, it is the perfect thing to quench that morning thirst after a night’s sleep. It beats water any day. Don’t limit yourself to your normal 2%. I sometimes venture into the world of almond milk, and am always surprised by how good it tastes.

4.) Pretzels and Hummus

Another clutch combination that will always satisfy those late night munchies on a weekday is pretzels and hummus. What I always end up doing is buying a big tub of pretzels, (I swear by Bachman), which ends up lasting a few weeks or so and just refilling it with bags of pretzels when necessary. Dip them in some basil pesto hummus and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable bite.

5.) Almonds

Nothing satisfies a mid-day afternoon hunger more than a handful of almonds. Personally, the only way I eat them are roasted and salted, because honestly, is there any other way? The great thing about always having almonds on hand is that they curb your cravings for much longer than you would think. I bought a tub of almonds three weeks ago and I just ran out yesterday. Durable, affordable, and satisfying. Can it get any better than that?


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