Homecoming Weekend 2k16 Recap | We Do Sportz

Ah yes, we know what sports are. We love it when the touchdown goes into the goal net for a three-pointer during a grand slam strategy. Some might even call us connoisseurs (bless autocorrect for allowing us to spell that word correctly). Homecoming is the one time a year we can show off all of our sports knowledge to the peasants (aka average fans). As seniors, this isn’t our first homecoming weekend; therefore, we figured we’d get a lot accomplished and have a great time socializing with other people. But what actually happened was Rachel spending the entire weekend at Merilla’s, re-watching Gilmore Girls and LOST, eating junk food, and napping for four hours at a time. Here’s how our weekend went.

Friday: Nacho Plans That Were Also Not Your Plans (Ah, We Love Puns)

Friday started off a lil’ rocky because Merilla was extremely upset that Rachel went to see Beyoncé in concert without her. However, this anger was put aside for the greater good – nachos. We had the perfect Friday night planned for weeks – make nachos, watch LOST with Rachel’s husband Adam, and make a fancy drink from Rachel’s bartending 101 book. We are not lying when we say these nachos were game-changing, dare we say life-changing??? We do. We do dare. We’d give out the recipe, but we don’t think the entire world could handle this kind of euphoria. Also, we’re selfish. Get your own nacho recipe. Just to clarify, the “fancy” alcoholic beverage we made was a spin on the classic gin and tonic: we added grapefruit juice and lime! Honestly, we’re just proud of ourselves for making a drink that consists of more than two ingredients. Be proud of us. Time we went to bed: 1 a.m.

Saturday: Homecoming 2k16

It took a ton of effort to get us out of bed, because Merilla felt a cold coming and her bed is hella comfortable. So, although our alarm was set for 9 a.m., we didn’t end up getting out of bed until almost 10 a.m. We started the day running with avocado toast, some delicious adult beverages (WE’RE 21, OKAY?????), and an optimism that was bound to make the day a great success. We walked for what felt like days in a slight drizzle, our matching hats on hand, and not enough clothing for how cold it was. We headed over to a friend’s house on Boston Ave. for a bit before hitting up the Alumni Tent which, SURPRISE (!), had food! We ate our weight in mac n cheese, cookies, and other delicacies before deciding that, after two hours of socializing and walking, we were done for the day. Football game? What football game? After somehow walking home in a reasonable amount of time, we found Merilla’s housemate, Yuval, on her bed, pretending to be asleep. He does this to be funny, but like…in our professional comedic opinion, he needs to work on the execution of his schtick (not to be confused with “stick”) a bit more. For the next four hours, we did what we do best (besides delivering pure comedy gold): Merilla napped and Rachel watched LOST with Adam. We planned to get a lot done that night (e.g. choreographing, doing some light homework, Rachel heading back to her room on campus), but instead, Merilla manipulated Rachel into watching more LOST with Adam and re-watching multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls. By the time we checked the clock, it was already past 1:00 a.m. Yikes.

Time we went to bed: 1:30 p.m. for a four-hour nap (in Merilla’s case), then again at 2:00am.

Sunday: LOST…Literally Though…Not the TV Show

Honestly, our bodies are old. They can’t keep up with the youths of today, a sad fact we discovered yesterday as we needed over twelve hours to recover from the Homecoming festivities. We’re no longer those joyful freshmen who can bounce back from a big day like nothing happened, just as energetic as before (@Freshman, enjoy it while you can. It only goes downhill from there). As everyone knows, Sunday’s are generally dedicated to doing all the homework that we didn’t do during the week. But, honestly, who knows when our essays/midterms/homework are due? We sure don’t. If we never admit that it’s midterm season, then that means our midterms don’t happen, right? Is that how that works? Someone help us out here. We are currently sitting in Tisch and it’s past midnight. Combined, we’ve done about 10% of what we planned to accomplish this weekend. Instead of studying for tests we have in the next two days, we both insist on working on problem sets due on Friday. Our lives may be a bit of a mess, but at least we can both say that we weren’t lame and actually went out for Homecoming. Do we get cool points for that? Let us know! Email us at WeDesperatelySeekValidationFromYoungPeople@hotmail.com.

Time we went to bed: Currently still at Tisch, and it’s looking to be a long night, folks. Send care packages and motivation our way.

Stay weird, y’all.


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