Beyoncé Concert | An Inside Look

This week I lost all my friends, but I don’t care. Wanna know why? Because I saw the queen, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, perform in Philadelphia (aka Flipadelphia). All my friends proceeded to cut ties with me, as they hated the fact that they couldn’t partake in this monumental experience with me. But honestly, screw the haters, even if they are your friends. Because Beyoncé is my salvation. Even though I no longer have friends and feel indifferent about it, I do want to share my experience with everyone. So here it is – the HBO Inside Look on The Formation World Tour 2016.

Opener: Major 🔑
“WE THE BEST.” I heard that phrase at least 20 times before Beyoncé performed, and it was uttered by none other than DJ Khaled. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of his, but I have listened to his latest album Major Key, I do follow him on Snapchat and I watch his inspirational YouTube videos before every midterm I take. His album Major Key is really great, but then DJ Khaled ruins it by yelling “ANOTHER ONE” in the middle of a song for no good reason. He was a killer opener though. Also, I haven’t mentioned this yet, but it rained for the majority of the night. DJ Khaled pulled through though and scratched on the 1’s and 2’s (is that the correct terminology?).

The Weather:
As aforementioned, it was raining almost the entire night. I had to buy a Philadelphia Eagles poncho as to not get pneumonia. Legit if any other person were performing, I would have been miserable. But it was my queen. So I stood in the rain for around an hour waiting for her to perform. And I am so thankful I did.

Beyoncé Starts Performing, I Lose All Thought
Beyoncé starts the Formation tour by singing “Formation” if you can believe it. I promise you, when she first walked on stage my jaw dropped and I lost all sense of reality for at least 10 minutes. I forgot about my friends I went to the concert with honestly. All I could think was “iefhghoiwpefrg.” Beyoncé then began to perform for the next three hours straight IN. THE. RAIN. Also, at one point the rain stopped, and I swear it was because Beyoncé is a force of nature.

Other Highlights, Other Times I Leave This World and Enter A Higher State
Obviously everything Beyoncé did that night was perfection, but I do have a couple of favorite moments. Here they are in no particular order:
-She’s so humble: Whenever Beyoncé talked to the audience, she thanked her fans and thanked them for bearing the rain.
-She’s pretty funny: Beyoncé serves major sass in this tour. Her face game was so strong, even though it didn’t really need to be because we were all so far away.
-“Yoncé”: This is my favorite Beyoncé song and she performed it and I melted.
-“Crazy in Love”: Queen Bey performed both of her versions of this song back to back: her 50 shades remix, then the original. Wow. Just wow.
-“Naughty Girl”: I wouldn’t consider myself a romantic, but when that song came on I wanted to aggressively dance towards any consenting partner and then leave right after the song was over because I don’t do confrontation.
-“Freedom” & “Survivor”: Beyoncé’s last set was pretty incredible. Her and her (all female) back up dancers were barefoot and one of the stages turned into a shallow pool. I canNOT imagine how they powered through dancing in water for this, but they were fantastic. Beyoncé transitioned “Freedom” into “Survivor” and it was one of the most powerful moments of the concert.

I am starting to mark time “pre-Formation tour” and “post-Formation tour.” Also the fact that all of Beyonce’s back up singers, dancers and band members were all female was incredible. Keep slayin’, B.


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