Preparing for Homecoming Weekend

With Homecoming a mere two days away, the stakes are high, as everyone is looking for an escape from the start of midterm season and a pleasant transition into October. As a sophomore, I should have a lot of tips to ensure maximum utility on this glorious day —shoutout to you, Professor Luallen for teaching me what that means. Unfortunately, I, the proud and supportive Jumbo I am, decided to go home last year for Homecoming because it was also Columbus Day weekend. Fast forward to a year later and you would think I would be all ready to finally prepare to have a great Homecoming experience. Think again! Mr. School Spirit here is going home yet again this year because of Rosh Hashanah, the ultimate opportunity to stuff my face with apples and honey, my grandma’s brisket, and a whole lot of Gefilte fish. And while I would love to sit and watch our potential football victory against Bates, nothing beats dinner with my family. Given all of that, here’s what I would recommend for Homecoming weekend, as a result of anecdotes from friends who were around last year, along with my comparable experience from Spring Fling, which I’m assuming cannot be much different. (Homecoming is just like Spring Fling without the music, right?)

1.) Pace Yourself

Take the expression as you please, and apply it to all forms of your day. That means: pace yourself with regards to physical activity, (it’s going to be a long day) food consumption, beverage consumption, and whatever other plans you think will have scheduled for the day. There’s no use in tiring yourself out before noon.

2.) Think ahead

Homecoming is an all-day event. People wake up early (usually earlier than they do during the actual school week) and do not end up going to sleep until Saturday night, so it will be an extremely long day. Sleep the night before, have your outfit ready to go, and mentally prepare yourself for the day that is to come.

3.) Naps

Given that you will probably be waking up relatively early compared to your weekly schedule, taking a nap at some point during the day is crucial. My recommendation? Take one right after the football game, before whatever other festivities you have planned for the rest of the night. I used this tactic for Spring Fling and it worked wonderfully. I was well-rested for the evening celebrations, and I lived to tell the tale.

4.) Support All Our Sports Teams!

Homecoming has a lot going on. Along with the football game, there is also a 12 p.m. Women’s Field Hockey game on Ounjian Field,  a 12 p.m. Women’s Soccer game at Kraft field, and a 2:30 p.m. Men’s Soccer game on Bello field. Homecoming is probably also one of the only days out of the semester when you will actually make an attempt to exude some school spirit, so might as well make the most out of it and cheer on your fellow Jumbos in all areas of athletics.

Happy Homecoming!


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