Spring Fling

Tips for a Spring Fling Novice

It’s hard to anticipate what Spring Fling Weekend will be if you’ve never experienced it in all its glory before. Whether you’re a first-year amped for a free show, or an upperclassman who’s accidentally slept through past Spring Flings, here’s a guide to making the most out of the last (fun) weekend at Tufts.


1.  Don’t start too early. You’re going to walk over to Dewick at 9 or 10 a.m. for a bagel, and you’re going to hear and see people partying already. Hopefully, you, the pragmatic Tufts thinker you are, will realize that partying that early will tire you out well before the concert even begins. Pace yourself.

2. In the same vein, eat a big breakfast. Something with a lot of carbs to soak up all the (legal) ~fun~ you’ll be having.

3. If you plan on going to the free barbecue before the concert, make sure you’re there v early before the food runs out.

4. Don’t wear your best clothing. Yeah, that cute top from Zara you’ve been dying to pull out since the weather hit 50 degrees seems like a good idea, but it’s not going to be too cute if someone spills their beer on you.

5. Try not to fall asleep before the gates close at 3 p.m., and definitely don’t fall asleep in a porta-potty.

6. Don’t lose your friends. Whether you’re out and about before the show, or at the concert itself, stick with your crew!

7. Don’t drink the punch. Just don’t.

8. Wear cute, but comfortable shoes.

9.  Make sure your “getting ready” playlist is dope. Maybe check out some of Shaggy’s hits besides “It Wasn’t Me”? Just a thought.

10. Whatever you do, have fun! Celebrate another year down, and go out with a bang.


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