Tips for Moving Back Home for the Summer

1. Spend Time With Your Family

Unless you’re local, it’s probably been a while since you’ve seen your family for an extended period of time. Spring Break was way too short, and most people had assignments to focus on throughout. Now you’ll be back at home for months—so take advantage of that. Let your parents treat you to home-cooked meals and spend time in a house that is most likely far more organized than your dorm room. Eventually, you’ll likely get sick of all the bonding time and rules, so enjoy it while you can.

2. Accept the Reality of the Situation

You’re back to following the rules of the household. No more stumbling in at 3 a.m. after a night of partying without giving your parents a heads up. You’ll probably be running lots of errands, too. It’s the way your world works now until you get back to college. Accept it.

3. Retreat Into Your Room

When you become so sick and tired of the rules and changes you’re no longer accustomed to at home, the safest thing to do is retreat into your room. Watch Netflix for hours/days at a time if it comes to that. It won’t be long before you’re told you’re being “lazy,” and that you need to “get off your ass and do something with your summer,” so this is just a temporary fix.

4. Use Your Summer Job as a Distraction

Hopefully you were able to get some sort of summer work—if that’s what you wanted to do. Be it babysitting, an internship, waitressing, or whatever, it’ll be a good distraction. Fall into it, and make it a productive summer.

5. Spend Time With Friends

Chances are, your friends will also be busy with their own plans, but that doesn’t make spending time with them any less of a necessity. Seeing friends back home can be great, and if you have college friends in the area, that’s great too. The summer is an interesting combination of distracting yourself while simultaneously building a résumé. All of this makes being at home more bearable and gives you the freedom to be more independent.



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