What We Will Miss About Europe

**Disclaimer: This was initially going to be a blog post dedicated to our one true love aka cheap af wine but we decided to integrate some variety for the sake of journalism. You’re welcome.

Hey, gang. So, funny story: Rachel has less than three weeks left abroad, and Merilla has less than six weeks. How did this happen?  Weren’t we just cramming for Tufts finals and stress-eating Carm burritos like two days ago??? If you would have asked us a week ago (right around the last blog post came out), we would’ve told you we’ve a lot of fun abroad but missed America and all the unlimited food it had to provide (lookin’ atchu you, Carm wing night). Now, if you ask us about leaving our respective countries so soon, we’re hardcore in denial. Rachel’s trying to travel all around Spain even though she has all her finals in the next week.  Merilla just finished her month-long Spring Break and is already feeling lángos (look it up) withdrawal. In honor of Europe being one of the seven (don’t quote us on that) continents, we wanted to talk about the things we will miss most about being here. Sure, the UK might not be part of Europe ~technically~ but whatever, it’s close enough.

Two Words: Cheap. Wine.

This doesn’t really apply to the UK since everything is so goddamn expensive, but in Spain you can find a bottle of wine for less than a euro. Did you hear that??? That’s practically a dollar bottle of wine. That makes $6 Andre look like a child’s play. When we come back to Medford (being able to legally drink of course), we will cry when we want to order a glass of wine at dinner and have to cough up $15. Apparently it’s a European thing because during dinner one night, Merilla convinced her boyfriend that they needed to order a whole liter of wine to share at dinner because it was only 5 euros and “when in Rome…” and all that nonsense. Needless to say, by the end of that liter of wine (served in a pitcher of course), Merilla was too tipsy to walk 100 feet to the Colosseum and instead ordered a taxi to drive them 1/2 a mile. We’d like to amend the famous “carpe diem” phrase to “carpe vinum” aka seize the wine.

Everything Is So Close!

Plane tickets are incredibly cheap. You might be amazed that all your abroad friends (including us) post on Facebook about flying off to Rome, Athens, Copenhagen (or should we say Dopenhagen), and even Croatia (just to see where they film Game of Thrones honestly). But honestly, we all just got dirt cheap flights on dirty (literally) airplanes by choosing sketchy airlines like easyJet, Wizz Air, and the infamous Ryanair (we’re really bitter). You can get round trip tickets from London to Rome for less than $100. You’d be paying 10 times that to get to Rome from the States, so it’s awesome that we’re able to take advantage of how frickin’ tiny Europe is and use it to our own touristy advantage.

No One is Yelling at You.

Americans are pretty harsh ngl. If you can’t follow the Burger King motto, “You can have it your way!” you’re allowed to throw a bitch fit in America. In Europe, everyone is so chill to the point that you just hug and kiss strangers when you meet them. There is no reason to be angry here. Wanna know why? Cheap. Wine. Get on board, America. #CheapWineForPresident2k16.

Everything Feels Special Here

A Five Guys meal at home? Average at best. A Five Guys meal in Europe??? Now we’re talking. Everything’s cool and insta-worthy because we’re kind of still tourists. Even though we’ve been here for a whole semester, there are still aspects of daily life that feel new and exciting. When we go back to Tufts, it’ll kinda feel like the same ole routine again except way more serious because oh my god we’re going to be seniors help.

Menu del Día

This is probably the best deal about Spain. Almost every single restaurant (including McDonald’s, but don’t ask why Rachel knows that she’s definitely not done that before ha ha) has a menu. What’s a menu you ask? Oh nothing, except that it’s two entreés, a drink, bread and a dessert all for 8-12 euros. Legit HOW is this economically possible? It was a severe slap in the face when Rachel visited Merilla in London and had to spend 12 pounds on one course (which is over $15). In Madrid, Rachel is so full she can make it to 10 p.m. dinner without even a snack. S/o to Madrid for showing Rachel true happiness aka being the perfect amount of full.

Being in Europe Encourages Denial

We don’t like to think about how we’re going to be…seniors (?????) next year. Being in Europe helps us avoid thoughts like that. As far as we’re concerned, we’re juniors forever, eternally #JWUGs, chilling in Europe. The second we get off the plane back in the States, we won’t be able to hide from the fact that a whole semester has gone by and that we’ll have to figure out our lives soon. Also l o l neither of us have summer plans, and have used being abroad as our excuse for not planning sooooo….*sweats nervously.*  We just wanna stay young forever and never have to be independent and functioning adults…Is that too much to ask?

As the semester at Tufts wraps up next week, this will be our last blog post of the semester. Stay tuned for more shenanigans courtesy of yours truly at the start of Fall semester, and until then…

Stay weird, y’all.


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