Studying for Finals? Here Are 10 Websites That Will Waste Your Time

Finals are coming up, which means that whatever motivation you had has suddenly been sucked out by spending the whole day in Club Tisch. Of course, procrastination comes in many forms (like suddenly deciding that folding your laundry is the absolute, most important, pressing matter on your to-do list), but here’s a list of 10 websites that I end up purusing instead of writing that essay. Please note that writing this article in itself is a form of procrastination.

1. YouTube

I think we all know that once you’re on YouTube, you never get off. Whether it’s trying to find some new songs for your study playlist (which is actually more of a “let me distract you and make you get up and dance” playlist), or suddenly watching a two hour long documentary on penguins, YouTube is a guaranteed time waster.

2. BuzzFeed

Along those same lines, you open up this site, and suddenly you’re taking quizzes about what type of pancake you are. Is this important? No. Do I need to know whether I’m blueberry or chocolate chip? Heck yes.

3. Tumblr

So I’m one of those people who made a Tumblr during that wave in high school when this was considered cool. And honestly, I’m tired of the website, but yet I still find myself on it, scrolling. The fact that there is something called infinite scroll just signifies how much of your time is wasted on this site.

4. Facebook

 But not just normal Facebook scrolling down your timeline, no, Facebook procrastinating is the art of randomly clicking into people’s profiles. Suddenly you’re ten pages deep and trying to figure out whether your best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s little sister went to your high school or not.


Remember in elementary school where you’d answer questions on this site and help donate rice towards eliminating world hunger? Yeah, this site is still marginally better because at least you’re doing something and working some parts of your brain. Also, we’re in college now so we should be better at these questions…right?


This is the site that randomly shows up on your Facebook feed,and you’re enticed by “Five Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Had A Twin!” because hey, more attractive people in the world. And then it just keeps linking you to more slideshows and weird fun facts. It doesn’t end for those of us who don’t have much willpower.

7. Meaww World

You know those “quizzes” that basically scan your Facebook profile to see who you interact with the most and tells you who your “soulmate” is based on the results? This is the site. Some quality tests are “What Are Your Friend’s Roles in the Mafia?” and “What Does Your Picnic Look Like?” It said my next relationship would be in 36 days but I’m still waiting on that.

8. Bubble Shooter/Tetris Games

I went to a high school where for one year, Tetris was unexplainably the most popular game to play in class. People took it so seriously, they boasted about rankings. So now, when I get writer’s block, I pull up these low-cognition games and end up bargaining with myself that I’ll finish after just one more game. It never really holds up.

9. Dress Up Games

When you decide that it’s been awhile since you’ve dressed up Barbie and friends online, you know you’ve hit a new low.

10. SIS 

This is circling back around to productive procrastination. Hey, at least you know exactly which classes you’ll be taking the second semester of your senior year! Planning ahead never hurt anybody.


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