Missing America—The Pros of Coming Back Home

We’ve been in Europe for over three months so far, and we think we deserve a prize for going without the Rez for this long. Rachel leaves within the next month (lol whaaaaaaat), while Merilla has until mid-June until she goes back to the states. Since Merilla is busy living every Classic majors wet dream by traveling through Greece and Italy, Rachel got to decide the topic of this week’s blog. Rachel has legitimately dreamed about sweet tea, Starbucks and Sonic’s tater tots with cheese this semester, so she decided to dedicate this blog to the things we miss the most from home.

The Food!

Ok so American food is actually bomb af. In Rachel’s dining experiences in Madrid this semester, every time she goes out to eat the waiters always give her ketchup. Even though she just ordered a chocolate cake? Or nachos? There’s a generalization in Spain that Americans love ketchup and eat it with everything. Obviously, condiments are the closest thing to magic the universe has, but the range of condiments here is so limited. We miss ranch dressing, bleu cheese dressing, and honey mustard! Rachel was at Burger King once and was able to switch out ketchup for honey mustard, and she almost shed a tear. Rachel especially misses the following (also Rachel’s bday is coming up so if you want to send her any of these foods just DM us for her personal address).

1. Queso dip. The only distinguishable trait Rachel has is that her all-time favorite food is queso dip and chips and like she doesn’t even share it with her friends she eats the entire appetizer by herself and will actually end friendships if someone takes a chip without asking or tbh even with asking she will cut a bitch don’t cross her on this.

2. Tater tots and cheese from Sonic


4. Sandwiches from Publix aka Pub-subs and if you haven’t eaten these yet we can honestly say that you have not lived

5. Chicken wings

6. Mac n’cheese

7. Peanut butter which is super DUPER expensive here because peanut butter is not a thing in Spain and maybe even all of Europe

8. Mag Muff

Customizing everything your way

A big thing here is that service industries really don’t have to cater to your every need like in the states. For example, at the fake Chipotle in Madrid, when you order nachos you cannot add your favorite nacho toppings— it’s a setup system. Now, we understand life is different abroad and we have followed the rules with grace and confidence, but sometimes we miss our personalized orders.

Hanging out at friends’ houses

In Spain, it is against the culture to have people over at your house unless under special circumstances. The thought behind it is that the house is for resting, and you should “go out in the streets” to have fun (that’s actually a quote Rachel hears a lot in Spain). But here’s the flaw with that— that’s expensive. Constantly going out to see your friends means buying drinks. And, hey, sometimes you get hungry with your drinks, so you order food. Also since you have all this energy from the food you just ate, why not go rent roller skates? Also wow you realize you’re really good at roller skating so you sign up for roller skating classes to train for the Olympics. Unfortunately, after months of paying for training you realize there are no roller skating Olympics? And there you are—super in debt.

So ya we miss the good ole days where you could just crash your friend’s dorm and watch Netflix all day for free.

Having data on our phones

So Merilla has a shitty UK phone that she legit never uses, so she relies on WiFi wherever she goes. With London public transport, WiFi is given at every metro station, but not on the metro itself. Therefore, Rachel gets sporadic messages from Merilla answering a question Rachel asked five minutes ago. Rachel on the other hand has a Spanish SIM card, but only gets 1GB of data per month. Because of this, she only uses data for using CityMapper when she’s lost (every day) and texting Merilla (every hour). We miss the good old days when we could stalk our friends from high school’s ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends they started dating in college whenever we wanted to. Now we can only do that in class and our grades are suffering because of it.


Obviously we miss Tufts the most. Legit everything about Tufts. Rachel misses having a room so big she could lie down on the floor just to get a new perspective on her room, being able to wear pajamas to class, and staying in her friends’ dorms even after they’ve left for class.


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