Caring for a Sick Roommate


I love taking care of people—I’m the “Dorm Mom.” Last week I spent my time caring for my sick roommate (what can I say? I care about her, and she’s become one of my best friends). Whether your roommate has a cold, norovirus, the flu, or, say, mono, you should make caring for them your top priority, but also be careful to avoid getting sick yourself.

Lysol everything.

You can never be too careful. Lysol kills most viruses like the cold and the flu (but not mono). No surface can be left unchecked. Your bed, their bed, desks, shelves, literally anything you can think to spray. Honestly maybe even spray your roommate (on a side note, don’t actually do that).

Bring them food.

Sometimes sick people can barely make it out of bed. It’s a fact of illness. And even if they say they aren’t hungry, bring them food. Steal some soup from Carm or Dewick, get Gatorade from the vending machines. Just make sure they’re getting taken care of and are drinking plenty of liquids.

Be their drug dealer.

Make sure that the medicines they’re taking can actually be taken together. Also, make sure that you’re paying attention to the time frame on their medications as well. Sick people don’t always read the instructions—actually, people don’t always do that in general. So it might be best to check everything before letting them take it if they need multiple pills.

Take Care of Yourself.

This should be obvious. Even if your roommate is sick, your first priority should be yourself. After all, if you get sick too, who will take care of the both of you? Continue to Lysol everything, wash your hands constantly, and, if you can, see if you can stay elsewhere at night. Maybe if your roommate is like mine, you already have to make other arrangements when they’re sick (let’s face it, swollen glands can lead to snoring, and it’s not pleasant to hear at night, especially when it’s mingled with nasty coughs). So make sure you’re getting enough sleep, if possible away from your diseased roommate.




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