Spring Fling

Throwback Thursday: ‘It Wasn’t Me’

Spring Fling performances have finally been announced, and the reactions have been less than enthusiastic. Shaggy, Børns, and Matt and Kim are all great artists, but the combination is admittedly lacking. Remember Shaggy’s recent 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me”?

2000 was a time filled with music entirely different from that of 2016. I mean, it’s been 16 years—a lot has changed in almost every aspect of life. If you went back to 2000 right now, you wouldn’t be able to handle the mediocre technology and less-than-desirable computer and TV quality. Also Y2K was a thing. It’s been 16 years of achievements and setbacks, but Tufts’ Spring Fling hasn’t exactly kept up.

There have of course, been other hits by Shaggy since then. Most people should be familiar with his other 2000 hit “Angel,” but in 2014, he also released “I Need Your Love.” But all of these have been sparser than in the past. 2000 was Shaggy’s peak, and it’s pretty likely that we’ll be getting mostly #Throwback songs from when we were knee-high.

While I strongly believe that the music of the early 2000s was the best, especially in terms of the variety of popular music, Shaggy hasn’t been wildly popular in some time (and yes, this is from the perspective of someone who is more or less musically illiterate—feel free to disagree with me here). I’m sure that Spring Fling will be a blast—even if I do have an in class essay assignment the next morning. Thank you, Tufts Administration, for scheduling Spring Fling not only on a Sunday, but the Sunday before the last day of classes. They’re no Ke$ha, but the artists will definitely allow for lots of dancing and partying. Even if it’s been 16 years since “It Wasn’t Me,” we will all be dancing and singing along.


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