Late Night Food: The Commons vs. Carm

For those of you who are unaware, a new addition has been made to the late night food community here at Tufts, and that is Carm. For the past month or so, Carm has been open up for late night on Fridays and Saturdays just like the Commons, and here’s what you should know:

While the Commons may have consistency, Carm has the possibility to provide variety, something which I value greatly. We all know the Commons as the place with the best chicken nuggets, but that is all it really has going for it in the food department. The mac and cheese is always way too gloppy, the pizza bread is always burnt, and the dumplings always seem to be gummy. And while those crispy, salty chicken nuggets do warrant the trip, they end up running out most nights, and the only thing that usually ends up being left are either the leftovers that no one really wants, or french fries, and neither are very  exciting.

Carm, on the other hand, has the potential to be so much more. Last weekend after what we’ll call a “long Saturday night,” I was in desperate need of some food. The Commons failed to impress, and as a few friends and I got there we heard the cashier say the infamous, “All that’s  left are fries,” so we booked it over to Carm to see what was there to offer—let me tell you, it was a site worth seeing. Not only did Carm have the ominous french fries that the Commons never fails to run out of, but there was also a full-on burrito station like the ones they have during lunch, along with more pizza and some kind of chicken patty. I went from eating just french fries to eating a complete burrito bowl filled with the ever-satisfying Carm burrito filling: black beans, and cheddar cheese.

The same event occurred a few weeks ago, but instead of indulging in a burrito bowl, I had the pleasure of consuming some kind of chicken noodle stir fry that was pretty satisfying to say the least.

Personally, I am in favor of Carm, just because I like the possibility of variety. I’m “risk loving” as my EC 11 professor would call it, because I know that Carm will have something better than a few soggy french fries.  

*Also, Carm still has the functioning drink dispenser, so seltzer water with a splash of cranberry is still a thing, which is something I treasure greatly.


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