10 Summer Foods I’m Dreaming Of

So it snowed this week, and the white stuff actually stayed on the ground. It’s April, Mother Nature, please let us have sunshine and blue skies instead of the inevitable crunch of salt underneath our snow boots. After another whole semester of campus food as well, I’m sure all of us have started craving actual good, refreshing food that screams of vacation and sun.

  1. Watermelon— Is there anything better than taking that first bite into a cold piece of watermelon, juices dripping down and making everything a glorious sticky mess? It’s refreshing, light, and cools you off after a day at the beach. Fruit’s also great for you, and it keeps the hydration going when you inevitably forget to drink water and sort of die of heatstroke
  2. Ice Cream—Growing up, there was that one amazing ice cream shop that closed during the winter months, and the countdown to when it would reopen was something to look forward to during the dreary, snowy days. The first scoop of the season is an indulgence, for just sitting out on the bench with sun making you squint. One pistachio in a small cone, please.
  3. Del’s Frozen Lemonade—A Rhode Island staple, it’s lemonade but even better. With two flavors, the classic and the watermelon, it’s fun to suck from the small cup, and the sweetness and tartness are balanced out perfectly. Of course, you’re not allowed to use a straw because, well, it’s Del’s.
  4. Barbecues— Backyard barbecues, for clarification. The classic scene of suburban dads lighting up the grill on a hot summer’s day, the sizzle of smoke as hot dogs and hamburgers are placed onto the coils, and the younger cousins running around screaming impatiently. It’s equal parts nostalgia and indulgence of unhealthy, oily food that you just want a lot of.
  5. Snow Cones—The only time we’re happy seeing the word “snow” pop up in the summertime is when this syrupy, ice-cold treat is brought around. It’s basically an excuse to eat colored sugar, but hey, ice has no calories, right?
  6. Mangos—Give me more of that wonderful fruit, because frozen mango slushies are a blessing on any hot day. It almost makes the sunburn, the mosquitoes, and the sweat all worth it.
  7. Funnel Cake—and every other type of festival food there is. Carbs are good, fried foods are good, so the combination of the two with some powdered sugar? How could it possibly go wrong? Eat it after those roller coasters though.
  8. Corn on the Cob—This might fall under the barbecue section, but it’s always good to mention it again. Sweet yellow corn with a pat of butter on top makes for an easy treat and appetizer to a summer dinner.
  9. Peaches— Let’s just say summer never leaves one wanting for fruit. Sweet juicy peaches (and peach pie) is something I’ve missed dearly, particularly the ones found in Georgia and California. Goddamn that sad fruit selection at Dewick.
  10. Lobster Rolls— I’m sad to say that even after returning to the Northeast for a year, I’ve yet to have a good seafood meal. And after realizing final exams will be over and done with before prime lobster roll season, I’m slightly downtrodden. Bring on the mayo, bread, and red crustacean, because the summer is just around the corner.

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