The Five Stages of Breaking Your Laptop Charger

There’s a very specific and very real panic you get when your laptop charger breaks in the middle of the week. Now that everything is online, it’s almost impossible to get around your work without having to use a computer, especially without one near you at all times. Last week, my laptop charger broke on me, sending me into a panic. Much like the five stages of grief, I present the five stages that occur upon realizing your laptop may not turn back on again for a very long time.

  1. Try to fix it. I had electrical tape and a dream. It would be fine. So it was a bit frayed…That didn’t mean anything! After several minutes of desperately turning and jamming the wire into itself in new and creative ways, it began sparking. Well, I guess it’s the garbage after all.
  2. Try and buy a new one online ASAP. I had 20% battery life left. My computer was old, and it wouldn’t last much longer. I went onto Amazon and ordered a new (cheap) charger with my student Prime. Maybe that new charger would set the building on fire at some point, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I had made the purchase and was safe.
  3. Post on every social media outlet trying to find someone with an extra charger. Okay, this was a longshot. My computer was five years old and wasn’t the most functional. And at some point, Apple decided that they should change their chargers with every model. For no reason, might I add. Finally, someone mentioned that Tisch had extra chargers.
  4. Go to Tisch. Apparently you can only borrow chargers at the library for four hours at a time. Why? What was I going to do with it overnight? Strangle someone to death? I could definitely do that in four hours if I wanted to. I knew I would be making the trek back and forth every four hours for the next few days, since my computer could barely hold a charge.
  5. Have a miracle happen. And then, a stranger answered my post late that night, telling me that I could of course use her extra charger. I was blessed. The stress of the day suddenly melted, and I could breathe easy knowing that my salvation had arrived.

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