Remembering Alex Bhak

The Tufts community is one where every student adds something special to the table. In any community, an impact is left by someone who’s actually gone. This impact is even greater when it’s not just someone who lives in your town, but a guy you share a bathroom with.

I never thought I would write a eulogy for this blog, but with a heavy heart, I have to say goodbye to my floormate Alex Bhak. He was a first-year student from around New York City studying at the College of Arts and Sciences with an interest in economics, literature, and cinema.

But he wasn’t just that. Alex was, first and foremost, a warm and friendly presence on the world. He was a sociable guy. He was an avid fan of EDM, and he liked it for the sake of a good time. He didn’t need an escape from reality through music. The world was his oyster, a place with much good and potential. He was a happy and optimistic guy. He was also an intelligent guy who’d be down to have a deep conversation on a variety of topics from British literature, the contributions of Quentin Tarantino to modern cinema, soccer, and Marvel. He also gave really good advice, and he was open to helping others at any time. He would also encourage everybody he knew to work out often and be physically fit. I always loved running into him at the gym, and I think he was even happier when he saw me. He wanted all of his friends, from the closest to the most distant ones, to get BIG. His protein powder mixing bottle was a constant presence in our bathroom. Apart from his enthusiasm for working out, Alex was an icon for collegiate fashion—one of the best dressed guys on campus. He had a lot of nice, classy outfits. He went out frequently, but I honestly think that characteristic is because he enjoyed being around people. He gave off great vibes every time I interacted with him, and I never heard a bad word said about him. The only thing bad I can say about him is that he might have been a little too good looking. With a height of about 5’6″, I don’t know how he pulled it off, but he did.

Naturally, he was able to make a bunch of good friends here. Without Alex, I’m sure his squad wouldn’t be as vibrant as it is. He was a master of making people feel special. He liked to have a good time, and he wanted to bring his friends along for the ride. He was a great influence to say the least. It was also easy to see how he was popular with the ladies. And he had a special girl in his heart— I’m confident he wishes he could support her right now.

Alex Bhak was a wonderful guy. We will miss his friendship, his boundless positivity, and his enthusiasm to experience life to the fullest.

Goodbye, Alex.


One thought on “Remembering Alex Bhak

  1. I don’t go to Tufts, but I went to middle school with Alex. He was a truly wonderful individual, full of life. He made every one around him feel like they could tell him anything. I will miss him dearly and wish only the best for his family in this terrible time.


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