Eight Questions Regarding the Tisch Bathrooms

  1. Why is every square inch of the floor always wet? Not flooded like a pipe burst, or something overflowed (maybe the tears of overworked students?), but just an unsettling layer of slimy, liquid sadness.
  2. Why aren’t there bathrooms on the first floor? (Also, what is technically the first floor? The ground floor? This is a constant point of disagreement among my friends.)
  3. How often does someone clean off the graffiti from the stalls? Some of my favorite gems, such as “I’m tired of f**** boys who can’t f****,” as well as the classic, “YOU are beautiful” have been wiped away and I haven’t gotten the chance to say a proper goodbye.
  4. Re: single bathrooms in the Reading Room. For the love of god, have some mercy on your fellow students—you know what I’m talking about.
  5. Re: the upstairs bathrooms. What a paradise! Totally underused, but that’s why they’re the nicest bathrooms in the whole library.
  6. Sometimes I’ll walk into the Reading Room bathrooms and there’s just a copious amount of toilet paper strewn all over the floor. There’s no way you could accidentally lose grip of the roll and do this either. Now, I feel like I should clean it up because it’s a hindrance to the bathroom process, but it’s not my mess! But, then the next person—who, by the way, has been WAITING for their turn because this has suddenly turned into a WWII bread line—is going to think I did that. So, thanks.
  7. Why don’t the toilets flush? I don’t know…seems like a pretty rudimentary feature of a BATHROOM.
  8. This isn’t directly related to Tisch in particular, but still applicable: What is the appropriate response when someone opens the door on you? It’s always like some sort of, “aHH!,” but often times I find myself apologizing, as if it’s my fault some stranger waltzed into my stall uninvited (see this Inside Amy Schumer sketch), but I feel like that’s not right either. Any thoughts?

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