Spring Break—Together at Last

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll know that we just hung out together in London for a fun and crazy time. We went over a full month without seeing each other, but we finally broke down, and Rachel came to visit Merilla during her first part of Spring Break. As adults do, they took on the town. Unfortunately, this is the last time we will see each other until September. September, y’all. Please donate to our Go Fund Me to fund plane tickets to see each other at least five more times before then. We think we might explode from going that long without each other, so let us present to you all our final days together.

Rachel plans how to get to Merilla’s from London weeks in advance:

Lol turns out Merilla’s university is very far away from London. And in the opposite direction is the airport Rachel flew into. Now, Rachel was rather confused by London’s public transportation. In Madrid, people under the age of 26 get unlimited bus, metro and commuter rail tickets for a very inexpensive price each month. So, she just assumed there would be a train right to Merilla’s university and it would take 40 minutes tops to get to. How wrong was she? So wrong Tufts University found out about her dumb idea and rescinded her acceptance. Rachel had to take a train, to take a subway train, to take another train, to walk to Merilla’s university. Thank goodness Merilla is a very nice human being and she picked Rachel up at the subway station. Rachel went through breathing exercises for a whole month to calm herself down to prepare for finding Merilla in the Big City (Is that London’s nickname? Sure.) Luckily, we found each other immediately and hugged for so long everyone around us started dancing in celebration.

We had a bunch to do on our list of activities. Mainly, eat homemade guacamole and drink homemade tinto de verano. Fortunately, we did this every single day, instead of doing something productive like talking. Rachel was only in the UK for three days, so we planned an entire day in London. We met up with one of Rachel’s high school friends and took on the town. Aka walked over an hour for Five Guys. We would like to announce we have started a sponsorship with Five Guys’s cajun fries. They’re bomb af, and we would choose them over our educations any day.

Since we walked almost 15 miles in London, we decided to take the next two days off from life. We watched Lost, played the Kim Possible video game, A Stitch in Time, and took pictures of the only pretty building on Merilla’s campus. When we realized Rachel only had one more night in London, we started to panic. We wanted to make our last night together memorable and never ending. We decided the best option for that was to watch the Nymphomaniac movies, timing in at almost four hours. Now, this was simultaneously the best and worst option we could’ve made. We recommend you watch this movie with a person who is more into your friendship than you are because once you watch, it’ll be so awkward between the two of you, they’ll never want to hang out with you again. Seriously, guys. This movie is messed up.

Saying goodbye was hard, but traveling in other countries without cell service is even harder. We are both so accustomed to relaying all of the details of our lives together. Now, the only time we get to talk to each other is at night and our thumbs cramp from texting so hard. Rachel has traveled to Stockholm (where she almost cried at the ABBA museum) and Copenhagen, while Merilla has decided that a hobbit’s life is for her, and she’s hiking in Scotland.

Will we ever see each other again? Will we ever go back to our countries of residence? Or will we just eat nachos all day? You decide.


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