The Six Types of Suitemates You Encounter in College

After a semester of getting to know the people in your dorms better, you end up realizing some of the more defining traits of the people you’re living with. Here’s a list of the ten girls you meet in college (shout out to single-gender suites) and some of their self-acclaimed nicknames and titles.

1. The One Who Expertly Balances Academics and Social Lifeshe’s able to finish two hours worth of math homework in 40 minutes while you’re still trying to figure out exactly which section of Calculus you’re supposed to be doing. She can figure out the problem with your code, something you’ve been groaning about for hours, within minutes of glancing at it. She’s also the one with the wild stories after every weekend and knows the oddest assortment of people—and when she gets sick, it’s everything all at once. Life just wouldn’t be the same without her.


2. The “Cool Mom” Friend— She’s maternal to a fault and has taken half the suite under her wing as her kids. But she’s also the “cool mom,” the one who promotes naps and tells you to take a jacket before you head to that frat party on Saturday night (which will inevitably be lost, but I digress). She’ll lend you her clothes, but they definitely won’t be Sunday brunch appropriate.


3. The Sporty One— She’s in and out of the dorm constantly because her practice schedule is all over the place, and you can’t keep up. Workout clothes and sweatpants are her go-to uniform, and her sports equipment is never more than a foot away. Props to these girls for walking to and from the gym so many times in a day—I can barely say the same for myself even within a month.


4. The Artsy One—She breezed through design class and has a multitude of drawings hanging on her wall. Her ease in using Photoshop and Illustrator (or even having them on her Macbook) is enviable, and honestly, you really wish you’d discovered the artistic talent back in elementary school when you were forced to draw plants. She makes the dorm atmosphere just a little bit prettier.


5. The Super Social One— You’re used to this girl breezing in at 3 a.m. even on a weekday; it’s a regular occurrence, and people are always knocking asking if she’s in (which she rarely is). Her suitcase is probably always packed too, ready for those off-campus, overnight events. Her energy in her social interactions is amazing, and your circle of acquaintances pales in comparison. Half the people you met at the beginning of the year were probably introduced by her.


6. And the One Who’s Always in Her PJs—Constantly. Once, her suitemate walked into her room, saw the pajama pants and was genuinely confused as to how this girl could exist for a minute without her comfortable sleepwear. She’s also just lying on her bed a lot—laziness is an art, and she’s well versed in it. She also writes a lot of articles, but that’s another story.



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