Throwback Thursday: When Midterms Weren’t a Thing

When I didn’t have midterms, a lot of things were different.  I’ve already almost forgotten what life was like in the Before Times.  This article will remind me, as much as anyone else, what it used to be like before exams took over my life.

  1. I didn’t wake up at 4:30 a.m. to finish studying.  I used to wake up at 8 or 9, take a shower, eat breakfast, and go to class.  But now, breakfast is but a distant memory, and all I can really visualize is what the sky looks like at 4:30 a.m.  It looks black.  It looks like nighttime.  The time when you’re supposed to be asleep.
  2. My dinner consisted of more than just $1 granola bars from Hodgdon that I’ve been stockpiling in a desk drawer since the beginning of the academic year.  On the bright side, resorting to granola bars has made me impressed with my own foresight in getting them.  However, any boost in confidence I get from that is quickly extinguished when I realize that I still have 42 pages of class notes to memorize by tomorrow morning.
  3. I didn’t have greasy hair.  But I definitely do now.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Showering takes valuable time that I don’t have when a midterm worth 30% of my class grade is happening in less than 12 hours.
  4. I could watch TV. I’ve been behind on all my shows for about a week now, and I have no idea what the characters are up to, or how the respective plots have progressed. I guess I’ll just have to binge watch everything I’ve missed once I’ve finished my final exam.
  5. I enjoyed drinking coffee. I’ve been gulping it down in order to stay up and study, then remedy the damage done from too little sleep. It’s a vicious caffeine cycle that cannot go on for much longer.
  6. I liked the color blue. Now, blue book after blue book, I associate that baby blue hue with test-taking anxiety and can’t stand the sight of it.
  7. My clothes were clean, and I put (a little) effort into my appearance. Laundry is such a daunting task, and ain’t nobody got time for that—especially during midterm week.
  8. I felt like had friends.  Because when you’ve spent almost eight hours staring at nothing but the sides of your library cubicle, the real world, beyond the doors of Tisch, can start to feel like a dream.  Did I really have friends, or did I imagine them?  Are all these people on my Facebook messenger list just bots?  I guess we’ll never know, at least not until midterms are over.



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