TBT: The Return of the Tanners

I wasn’t what you’d necessarily deem a Full House fanatic, but it still holds a sentimental piece in my heart. After school, I’d turn on the TV (when we were supposed to be doing those 30 minutes of required reading), grab a bag of chips, and watch reruns of the Tanner family getting up to a variety of shenanigans.

So instead of watching every episode of the sitcom, my viewings of Full House were scattered all over the place, just like the chip crumbs that inevitably got me yelled at by my mother (but that’s another story).

Fuller House, the sitcom reboot or sequel, so to speak, was  released on Netflix on February 26th. With most of the main cast members taking on their roles once more, it seems like that suburban house in San Fran is once again bursting at the seams. The opening sequence itself had me feeling some type of way—but maybe that’s because of young John Stamos.

That’s the thing about Full House—even though I wasn’t an avid fan, even though it’s been 21 years since it finished, there’s just that sense of childhood nostalgia and wholesomeness that comes from the show. From DJ Tanner’s antics, Michelle’s one liners, us swooning over Uncle Jesse, and so forth, it’s a sitcom that will remain iconic.

Does Fuller House live up to it’s predecessor? It’s hard to tell when times have changed since the very beginning of the show (also probably because I haven’t sat myself down to watch all 13 episodes yet). Maybe it was more fun as a young teen, watching another young teen on screen going through some of the same stuff I was. It’s harder to get that naive, learning type of humor going when the main characters are farther away in age from us now.

Then again, older John Stamos is still very attractive.

Once these pesky exams are over, it’ll be time to make an accurate assessment of Fuller House, and see if the lack of presence of Michelle Tanner will actually have a difference. Then maybe I’ll rewatch Friends again and cry at the recent reunion. There’s always someone missing from these reboots and reunions, isn’t there?



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