What We’re Eating While We Binge Watch TV

I don’t know about you, but all of us here at Jumbo Beat can agree that we’ve been watching waaaay too much TV lately. What started with Making a Murderer swiftly morphed into midterm season punctured by the premiere’s of new shows on cable networks as well as Netflix. From Fuller House, to Broad City, Girls, Netflix’s Love, Shondra Rhimes’ empire (see Drew’s article), American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, The Walking Dead, etc. we’ve been busy. Yeah, we all have papers to write and exams to study for, but what better way to take a break (read: procrastinate) then with some screen time? And, with the excess of new show reviews out there, we hear a lot about character development and plot structure when all I really want to know is what I should be eating when I binge watch these new shows. Is it so crazy to ask if the O.J. crime show is more of a chips with dip type of move, or would a “share” size of M&Ms be more suitable? (Just a disclaimer from someone who’s up to date on the O.J. Simpson show: You’re going to inhale whatever is in front of you because it’s v stressful so far. Also, where has David Schwimmer been this whole time?!) Anyways, instead of providing you with another TV review, we thought we’d share some of our go-to television snacks to make your next binge-watch even better.


Said with zero hesitation: “OMG Cheetos. The puffy ones. And spicy Chex Mix.”

Favorite show right now: The Vampire Diaries. (Don’t judge.)


Rachel loves a good queso dip with chips and can eat French Fries for days. She also asked if wine is an option, to which we said yes and why didn’t we think of that? (Only if you’re of age, of course.)

Currently watching/loving: Once Upon a Time


He always goes for popcorn, but specifically SkinnyPop. When pressed to elaborate in greater detail, he said the kettle corn flavor is the best.

Fave TV show at the moment: How To Get Away With Murder


“Oh, I’m all about the chips and dip,” she said. Any ruffled potato chip with French onion dip is a must-have.

She’s currently watching: Supernatural


She likes to stick with the classics—she recommends Sour Cream and Onion flavored Lay’s for a good time.

Erin’s actually a responsible human being who gets her work done, so she hasn’t watched a lot of new TV lately— her all-time fave is The Office.


At first, he agreed with Erin on the chips, but he then realized Girl Scout Cookies are a thing, so he decided on Thin Mints. Samoas are a close second.

Most likely to go HAM on Girl Scout cookies while watching: Suits


She’s a chip addict. Specifically Tostitos. No really, she can’t have them in the house. Before her housemates take them away from her, she’ll turn on something good with corn chips and salsa by her side.

Most recent binge-watch: The first few episodes of American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, and soon to be House of Cards.



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