Ten Stages of the Typical College Weekend





Courtesy of Tradlands via Flickr
Courtesy of Tradlands via Flickr


1. Anticipation

It’s been a rough week—maybe you had three exams, you miss your family (or mainly your dog), you lost your ID—whatever it is, nothing seems to be going right. Finally though, Friday peeks its head over the horizon and the thought of throwing away your responsibilities (at least for one day!) is the one thing pulling you through the last dredges of your Thursday classes.

2. Planning

You’ve got three text chains going on trying to figure out dinner, after-dinner, and before-sleep plans. Tufts has so many events every week, the weekend is never quiet. It’s just a matter of herding all your friends to the same area—then you’re ready to go.

3. Fun

Friday night is filled with laughter, shenanigans (whether legal or …not), probably hitting up the Late Night Commons, and ending up falling into bed at around 3 a.m. No homework or errands are on your mind—instead, the main purpose of Friday night is to have as much excitement as possible.

4. Procrastinating

Let’s be real, nobody’s awake at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. While you may plan to study or finish that computer science homework, or read through the chapters you’ve been putting off, the probability of it actually happening is close to zero. Saturday still seems like a far cry from Monday, so any way to procrastinate suddenly gets pulled out.

5. “Doing Work”

OK, so you start feeling bad halfway through the day, and knowing that you’ll want to go out once 9 p.m. hits means that you should at least complete one thing on your to-do list right? Basically, you’ll do the easiest piece of homework that requires the least bit of frustration. It’s the illusion of productivity that’ll allow for more fun later on.

6. More Plans

Repeat Friday night with slight changes in the people you’re hanging out with and the venue you’re at. The Commons will once again be a place to regroup. Your makeup probably won’t last the night. But it’s kind of the final hurrah of the weekend (unless you go out on Sundays as well—in which case, impressive).

7. Sleeping In

Sunday morning means brunch because of the late dining hall opening times. Add on the fact that you probably didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m. once again, and it’s a very late start to a lazy Sunday.

8. Scrambling

The list of work professors are expecting for the following week did not seem as long when you skimmed it on Friday. Yet the chapter readings have piled up, suddenly there are four essays to write, and you have a couple of missed calls from your parents. With all the papers and documents open on your computer, it’s time to actually settle down and do some work.

9. Panic

The gripping sense of panic that floods your body as the clock ticks to 10 p.m. always catches you off guard. No matter how many weekends you go through, and no matter how many times you convince yourself you’ll get your act together for the coming week, it never actually happens. Full fledged panic mode, here we go—at least everyone on Yik Yak identifies with you.

10. Sadness

Monday looms its ugly head as you work into the early hours, and the thought of a week full of exams, lectures, recitations, and life responsibilities doesn’t make for a cheery morning. It’s alright though—once Wednesday passes by, you’ll be gearing up for the weekend once more.


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