Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Beyoncé

With the recent dropping of her single “Formation,” Beyoncé proved once again the impact of her presence in the musical (and truthfully, the whole) world. Even unlisted, “Formation” has managed to garner 26 million views.

Here’s a list of her most iconic songs and music videos, in no particular order, to relive and recognize the fact that we’re lucky enough to be living in the era of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

2001: “Survivor” (Destiny’s Child)

A breakup song for the ages— Beyoncé in her Destiny’s Child days was the beginning of her superstar days. If we’re being honest, she was the one running the show, and the most recognizable voice on their tracks. The dance moves in this video may not be as iconic as “Single Ladies,” “7-11,” or “Formation,” but it has definitely cinched a place on the throwback playlist that gets all us college-aged kids hyped.

2003: “Crazy In Love” (ft. Jay-Z)

Another jam that comes on and causes everyone to jump on the dance floor. The white tank top and jean booty short combo has to be one of the most iconic Beyoncé looks, instantly recognizable. The recent remix for 50 Shades of Grey pales in comparison to the original. Beyoncé kicks butt (and a fire hydrant, for some reason). 2003 was a good year.

2008: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

Throwing it back to 2008, (eight years ago people!) the video is pretty simple as it is, but Beyoncé’s dance moves will live on— it’s the song that gets all the single people to throw their hands up and bust out their own rendition of the choreography. Let’s be honest, dropping down on one knee in heels and doing shoulder rolls is not easy.

2011: “Run The World (Girls)”

Does this video even need explaining? The costume, the backdrop, the insanely talented female dancers—the beginning itself just screams Queen. How she still looks amazing while dancing with sand no doubt flying into her face is beyond me, but I guess nobody questions her abilities. It’s the girl power anthem, one of many in Beyoncé’s entire discography. Also, someone teach me how to dance in heels and have some semblance of coordination, please.

2013: The Entirety of Beyoncé, the Album

On December 13, 2013 (has it been 3 years already?), Beyoncé dropped an entire album plus videos for each song without any preamble and changed how the game is played. People woke up and were never the same again. “Partition,” “XO,” “Pretty Hurts,”and “Drunk In Love” are all great videos with various messages. And who could forget ***Flawless, the song that launched a hundred graphic tees.

2016: “Formation”

An amazing video with equally impressive  dance moves (as if they could get any better).  At the same time, the brilliant lyrics call out Beyoncé’s haters while simultaneously offering a political commentary and embracing her Black heritage. It’ll be another video for the ages.



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