‘The Life of Pablo’ is a Swish

Hi guys! Rachel here. The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived —the release day of Kanye’s newest album. Merilla wanted to be a part of this, but she’s still dissecting To Pimp a Butterfly, and so far she’s at “He mad!” from “King Kunta.” So, I’m gonna progress without her (even though I’ll see her in less than two days!). This album has had many working titles, ranging from Swish to The Death of Dalí. However, Kanye decided to go with The Life of Pablo, which I’m pretty sure is an homage to Pablo the penguin from The Backyardigans.


This album definitely isn’t Old Kanye, and no pasa nada. Kanye is like, “really it’s called evolution; read a book. Specifically, read On the Origins of Species.” There is even one song that’s Kanye talking about missing the Old Kanye, but now it’s the New Kanye. Another thing to point out is the features on this album are ridiculous. Merilla’s favs Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd make it on the list, as well as Kid Cudi, André 3000, and Frank Ocean. Here’s what I think about the album: yass. Even though there are some songs I don’t like as much, the majority are great and a couple are out of this world stellar. Below are my favorites.


“No More Parties in L.A.” feat. Kendrick Lamar

This entire song is fire. The first part is very chill, and then Kanye is like omfg why is my wife so famous I hate all these parties in L.A. Very fitting the song is called what it’s called. Then, Kendrick Lamar comes in with his verse and kills it of course. But the real gem here is Kanye’s verse. Off the record, what is a “turbo thot?”  When someone finds out, please message me at your earliest convenience.

Rating: All the seasoned fries with unlimited condiments

Fav line: “The whole family getting money. Thank god for E!”


“Fade” feat. Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign  

This song gives me mad 80’s vibes. Tbh also Scooby Doo vibes? “What is Love?” vibes? But I think that last part was just me. Not a lot is happening in this song lyrically, but the beat makes me want to dance each time I listen to it. The synthy beat mixed with the choir in the background is a great pairing.

Rating: Ten hours of deep sleep

Fav line: “Work the middle till it hurt a little”


“FML” feat. The Weeknd

Well obviously this song is super sexual, but not nearly as sexual as The Weeknd can offer. Also, sidebar: what the heck is The Weekend compensating for? Why do you always gotta sing about sex or drugs, The Weeknd? Okay anyway back to the song—super good, but then it gets trippy. Like, later stages of The Beatles trippy. There’s one point where someone different is talking, and it sounds like aliens on drugs.

Rating: It’s like a high for free.

Fav line: “Give up the women before I lose half of what I own.”


“30 Hours” feat. André 3000

Pretty laid back compared to the other songs listed here. Who cares though: I’ll still jam to it. Honestly I can’t even hear André 3000 in this song, but maybe my version is just so sketchy he didn’t make it.

Rating: Finding cheap wine that tastes bomb (if you’re of age of course)

Fav line: “I was nervous to do Victoria Secret till I pictured everybody with their clothes off”


So experience TLAP for yourself! You will not be disappointed!



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