Eight Reasons Why February Is the Worst Month Ever

1.) The Weather

February tends to be one of the coldest and longest months of the year, even though it’s the shortest. People are excited for winter and the cold weather in December and January, but once February hits, everyone just seems to become fed up with the cold.

2.) The “Holidays”

Some of the greatest holidays of the year happen to take place in February. For starters, you’ve got Groundhog Day, which, to me, is arguably the most exciting holiday of the entire year. Who needs Christmas/Hanukkah when you can stare at some arbitrary animal staring at his shadow? Next up is the Super Bowl, which can go a bunch of different ways, depending on who is watching. Personally, I couldn’t care less who was playing unless they were from New York. All I really want to do on that day is eat some wings and watch the halftime show, which I could do any day of the year by ordering wings and googling “Beyonce.” Then there’s Valentine’s Day, the day that stresses out couples to make the day special and the day that stresses out everyone else even more who doesn’t have a significant other in their lives. Finally, there’s Presidents’ Day, which is basically just an excuse to miss school, because who really knows what we’re even supposed to be “celebrating” anymore.

3.) The Missing Days

February is one messed up month. Like I previously mentioned, while it is the shortest month of the year, it does seem like the longest. And what’s with the whole leap year thing? You know if you actually google it, there are videos that show that leap year doesn’t make sense and that the extra day every four years does not even serve to really accomplish anything.

4.) The Schoolwork

February is also the month where classes really begin to pick up. It is far enough into the semester where actual work can be given, and the never-ending season that is “midterms” will most likely begin in most of your classes.

5.) The Food

If you live anywhere in the Northeast, it is typically expected that February is a cold, wintry month. And you know what is in season during cold, wintry, months? Sweet potatoes and beets. So exhilarating. This also means that nothing, I mean nothing, else is in season so good luck finding a banana that isn’t bright green.

6.) Media

Typically, due to Valentine’s day, most rom-coms are released in the month of February—all of which have proven to be complete and utter failures. I mean have you seen Valentine’s Day?

7.) The Upcoming Month

Getting through February is tough enough. All you want is something to look forward to to end the misery that is February. And you know what that great big “light” at the end of the tunnel is—March, which is arguably the second worst month of the year.

8.) The Spelling

You know how annoying it is to physically type the word “February?” It’s almost as bad as “Wednesday.”



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