10 Questions College Students Are Tired of Hearing

College is stressful. There’s the coursework, socialization, and constant sleep deprivation to keep you busy and in tears all hours of the day. It’s hard enough without adults asking the same questions over and over again. Here are just 10 questions students are tired of hearing.

1. How’s your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I don’t have one. No, I don’t plan on getting one. And even if I did, your asking would probably be counterproductive. Just let me focus on my studies, please.

2. How’s your GPA?

Good. Do I really need to give specifics? Fine… but that’s actually a really good GPA as a college student… Sure, that was my GPA in high school though, and that was weighted… No, it’s really not the same.

3. Do you like your classes?

As much as I possibly can… Well, I’d rather be sleeping, but—no, really, intro classes aren’t necessarily that easy…I’m taking that for the credit… No, I’m not majoring in philosophy.

4. What are you majoring in?

I’m not sure. I’m considering my options right now… No, it’ll make money eventually, but if it doesn’t, wouldn’t you rather I be happy with my life choices?

5. So…grad school?

Yes, I need to in this economy. I know. No, I’m not sure how I’ll pay for it yet. I have a few years to figure everything out. Can we talk about something else? I’m feeling stressed.

6. How is the food?

It’s as good as cafeteria food is going to get. Yes, I do fill my plate and eat until I feel sick half of the time. No, I don’t plan on going to the salad bar more often. I have a good metabolism; I don’t need the gym.

7. Are you studying?

Of course! Sure, I hang out with people, but I also spend most of my time in my dorm room reading way too many articles and texts on histories, sciences, and other scholarly stuff… No, I’m not really sure what I’m reading anymore; it all just blends together, and maybe Columbus was really studying advanced chemistry, who’s to say?

8. Are you making friends?

Tons… Really, though, I am… Yes, well I’m a likeable person… Of course, I study with them. This is college, not an eternal party.

9. Are you going to parties?

Well, sure, but not any of the major ones. Partying isn’t really my thing, so I only go out every other weekend. And I don’t drink. If anything, I get to the parties late and get back early because I’m studying too much. I use the time to network, you know, make connections for future jobs. That’s a thing, right?

10. Are you sleeping well?

*laughs* *cries* Never.


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