Five Thoughts Everyone Who Lives in M.A. Has in the Winter

1.”Why is it so cold on the T platform?”  

Let’s be honest here, waiting for the T is rarely described as “fun.” Winter just adds another layer to the hum-drumness of waiting for that pesky train to pull into the station. It’s freezing on the platforms, and it doesn’t help that there seems to be a semi-present wind tunnel that occurs due to the structure of the station. Not only are you bored and waiting, you’re shivering to generate some sort of body heat. And with the early sunset, it’s just plain creepy. Seriously, we can’t wait until it doesn’t get dark at 4:20 in the afternoon.

2.”Do I actually need that giant winter coat?”  

This year, winter hasn’t been its normal self—Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring seems to be holding true, and there’s been a minimal amount of snow on the ground so far. This begs the question of whether or not one should actually invest $500 on a good, durable, heavy winter coat. In the back of your mind, you know that at least one large snowstorm will hit in the near future. (If not this year, then next, right? That’s how Mother Nature likes to work.) And are snowboots really worth it if you know that the amount of time spent trekking through snow won’t amount to much? College students have a reputation of holding on to their wallets with gusto, and things we don’t necessarily need rarely find their way into our closets.

3.”This dry skin sucks.”  

It doesn’t really hit you until a couple weeks into winter, and then you realize your lips are peeling slightly even with the copious amounts of water you’re drinking. Suddenly your legs, knuckles, elbows, and every other extraneous part of your body that might possibly be exposed to the winter air is dry. You’ve basically become a giant raisin. Lotion needs to be bought in large quantities and applied liberally in order to maintain a semblance of smoothness, and there’s actually a surprising possibility of finishing (finishing!) an entire tube of chapstick. It’s the only time those endless coupons on the CVS receipts are actually useful. The winter air is harsh, and moisturizing suddenly takes twice the time it used to.

4.”What Do I Wear?”  

To put it simply, this winter’s weather has been a hot mess (literally). Going from thirty degrees to sixty degrees and then back down to twenty degrees in the same day has become the norm— and none of us have any idea how to dress. Every morning, we all question whether we want to wear a light jacket and suffer the cold for a few hours or bundle up. Whichever route we decide to embark on, the result is always the same: we’re going to be uncomfortable and either sweating or freezing for a sizeable part of the day. If you have the benefit of living in or near Massachusetts, or owning a storage unit, you run the risk of opening up a whole new can of worms. Dorm room closets are tiny, and almost no one has the space to house an extensive, multi- season wardrobe year-round. So, since we’ve all decided that it’s not socially acceptable to wear shorts past Christmas in Massachusetts, we thought it would be OK to get rid of our spring and summer clothes for a few months. Oh, how wrong we were. With temperatures reaching sixty degrees, it sucks being stuck with thick sweaters, flannels, woolen socks and Bean Boots. Then the next day, temperatures are back to below freezing. We just can’t win.

5.”I can’t feel my face because it’s insanely cold out. (And I don’t love it.)”

via Google
via Google

When it’s actually cold outside, we all have a list of things to put on before we even think about going outside. Puffer jacket, check. An obscene amount of layers, check. Hat, gloves, and scarf, check. Seemingly prepared, we decide to brave the great (aka terribly cold and not great at all) outdoors. Within seconds, our poor, uncovered faces are numb, and we resonate with The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” on a spiritual level. Unless ski masks are your #aesthetic or you make like Patrick when he’s stuck in Sandy’s treedome while she’s hibernating, there’s not much you can do about it. So, us cold-climate residents learn to live with it, and by that we mean avoid going outside whenever we deem it too cold. It’s below freezing outside? Nope. The windchill makes it feel like below zero? I’ll pass. You have a huge exam that requires walking across campus in these conditions? Priorities. Just study really hard for the midterm and final—surely a zero on one test won’t screw you over that badly.


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