Analyzing the Kanye Twitterstorm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week because this abnormally warm January weather is freaking you out, you may know that last Wednesday, Kanye West took to Twitter and went on an aggressive rant directed at “musician” Wiz Khalifa. It hit Boston with a greater effect than Winter Storm Jonas. Whether or not the Twitterstorm was a bigger deal than Jonas in D.C. is up for debate. This storm happened after Kanye, get this… made a mistake. Kanye mistook the KK in Wiz’s tweet, “Hit this KK and become yourself” as an abbreviation for Kim Kardashian, his wife. Instead of Kim K., Wiz had been referring to Khalifa Kush, his branded strand of marijuana. I’m not sure why Kanye would freak out about this, because the only girl that Wiz is interested in these days is this chill lady named Mary Jane. I have to imagine that he’s in love. That rush of dopamine from love is the craziest sensation you can take.

But, to be fair, Kanye may have also created the Twitterstorm as a response to Wiz’s criticism of Waves, the title of Kanye’s upcoming album. Wiz doesn’t think Kanye’s music is “wavy,” and to a point I can see that. Kanye’s music isn’t the kind of stuff that one would listen to while chilling out on the beach or pretending to be an ocean through the effects of recreational drug use. But what Wiz doesn’t see through the clouds of smoke in his basement is that Kanye isn’t trying to become a wave through this album that’s reminiscent of the ocean. He’s creating huge shockwaves of influence that will break through the industry once again. He’s done so before with his early masterpieces and thinks it’ll happen again. But this time it’s a little different. It’ll be even bigger. As he worked on this new project, he realized it wasn’t just a swish. He’s creating something even cooler than Stephen Curry hitting an impossible shot on the court. This thing he’s creating has the impact of an earthquake. The seismic waves will shake up everything. As a man with an ego the size of Kanye, Kanye West is looking to shake the earth up once again. As Kanye himself stated, “I made it so we could wear skinny pants.”  As he’s working toward his goal, he’ll unleash his wrath on anyone who stands in his way. After this new album comes out, pants might become even skinnier or shirts might become bigger. Who knows?

What we do know is that the first two singles off Waves are fire and Yeezy isn’t out-shined, despite the spectacular features from Kendrick Lamar and Ty Dolla $ign. We also know that Kanye is rough on the tweets. If you haven’t seen the storm yet, listen to this Shakespearean actor rattle them off with grace and elegance. Kanye has already made waves on Twitter—waves so big he had to apologize to Amber Rose about bringing up the child she had with Wiz. Hopefully, these waves on Twitter lead to waves from the studio. Sadly, Kanye himself stated, “You have distracted from my creative process.” Hopefully, this distraction was not too much of an obstacle to new music—Kim Kardashian’s butt is already a big enough one as it is.


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