Leonardo DiCaprio and the Elusive Golden Man

With the recent publicizing of the 2016 Oscar Nominations, no one was surprised that Leonardo DiCaprio had earned one for Best Actor for The Revenant. It’s been his sixth nomination after all, yet Gatsby himself has yet to make it up to that microphone and give an award speech. On a side note, do actors prepare an award speech beforehand? Do they possess the excess self confidence we are all seemingly deficient in?

Who could forget the great reaction pictures of DiCaprio time and time again losing out to another actor? There is legitimate pain in that man’s eyes (or so the internet likes to joke about). People have clamored for DiCaprio to finally get his recognition by the Academy, leaving us to question whether this will finally be his year. DiCaprio’s performance in The Revenant has been hailed as the film’s anchoring element, with the lead actor giving “200% commitment.”

Basically, he slept in an animal carcass. Just imagine that— sleeping in a dead animal’s body, making friends with flies, dealing with unsavory sanitation conditions, for the sake of perfecting your acting. In Django Unchained, DiCaprio also smashed his hand bloody and kept acting through the take. Someone give this man an Oscar before he permanently injures himself trying to get one. I kid, but seriously, that’s some sacrifice for the art.

For all of his performances, we wonder why Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar— but there always seems to be another actor in contention who continues the tradition of upstaging DiCaprio. Michael Fassbender looks like a potential spoiler, and I have to admit to having a soft spot for Eddie Redmayne. It’s not that DiCaprio is a bad actor by any means. He’s critically acclaimed, and anyone who can make minds twirl in Inception and hearts break in Gatsby has a skill that us college actors wish for. Also, let it be known that many great actors have never won Academy Awards (the late and great Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp, and Gary Oldman, to name a few).

Only time will tell if 2016 is Leo’s year— I’m personally rooting for him because, again, sleeping in an animal carcass? Dedication. There are big names in the running across all categories this year, and it’s always fun to see the triumphs and upsets. I’ll be tuning in for sure.

Also, how great would it be if both Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio won Oscars this year? Rose and Jack reunited once more — that’d be a poetic end to Leo’s Oscar saga.


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