First Semester vs. Second Semester

The differences between first and second semester may not be noticeable to those outside of the ebb and flow of college time. But those differences are expressed in Tufts students all over campus, as we all try to maintain the same work ethic and motivation that was present throughout the first semester. Here are just a few of those changes.

First Semester: Mornings

Waking up was difficult, admittedly, but it got done. There was probably closer to an hour between waking up and when class started. Even if it was just for the first month, you kept your schedule and managed to get everywhere on time.

Second Semester: Mornings

Did you really just wake up ten minutes before class? Who knew you could even make it on time if you did that. You’ve set a precedent for yourself now, and, if anything, you’re just going to keep pushing the limits to see just how late you really can wake up. And if you’re five minutes late, it’s not the end of the world.

First Semester: Motivation

You had it in spades. You were ready to take on classes and essays and slay any work in your way. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration. It’s more likely that you had a motivation that slowly faded away to the ghost that it is now.

Second Semester: Motivation

You probably didn’t even start the semester with any. How could you when one month of break is the perfect combination of too much time off and not quite enough? You’re back to hanging out with friends that you haven’t seen in a month! Besides, there’s definitely enough time to write essays and do class readings tomorrow.

First Semester: Friends

Speaking of friends, if you’re a freshman, you didn’t have any at the start of first semester. The first semester of college is nothing more than an elaborate maze of social situations designed to have you meet the people you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life. Ironically, that elaborate maze just has you wind up with the people you see the most. But this is Tufts, and you probably have a lot in common with those people anyway.

Second Semester: Friends

Maybe you still haven’t found your group and are starting your search up again this semester. Or maybe you have, and you’re spending all of your time catching up on how amazing your winter breaks were. Regardless, you’re definitely putting more time into spending time with others this semester.

First Semester: Food

 By now, you’d had your summer break and had your fill of delicious home-cooked meals—hopefully. But you braced yourself for dining hall food (or, if you have the luxury of a kitchen, less-than-impressive home-cooked meals), and you probably lasted a  few weeks before becoming bored with the options that your meal plan could afford you. Of course, by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, you had had enough and were most likely sick of Carm and Dewick.

Second Semester: Food

When winter break ended, it was heartbreaking. All that remained upon your return was the memory of something better, something more delicious. You didn’t get enough to satisfy the need for non-dining hall food, and now you’re left with Carm and Dewick as you speechlessly look on while the quality of their food nose-dives after just one week of classes.

While our attitudes have changed from one semester to the next, the rest of campus really hasn’t. So, good luck surviving this semester even better than the last.


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