Throwback Thursday: Summer in December

Today, the low is 28 degrees. That’s officially cold enough for someone to complain that it’s freezing outside. It’s now winter. This past weekend, Boston braved through the mildest part of Winter Storm Jonas and laughed at the rest of the East Coast in its misery. But, many were still feeling cold and received a reminder of the perils of winter we miraculously escaped last semester.

Just last month, Medford was in the midst of summer. On Christmas Day, Santa wore a Hawaiian floral shirt and Bermuda shorts in his sleigh while drinking a Piña Colada and fanning his overheated reindeer. Despite the warmth here, Santa needed to put on a windbreaker while driving through Los Angeles, which held a chilly temperature of around 58 degrees. Santa was perfectly fine with that though. That old coat of his needed a break anyway. Unfortunately, many elves had to be laid off because there was no need for a snowplow on the North Pole. Climate change isn’t good for everyone.

Another consequence of this lovely, warm weather was the Patriots. Tom Brady didn’t have the magic he receives from Queen Elsa to make it far in the playoffs every year, and Coach Bill Belichick’s ice cold heart melted, making the team much less ruthless than usual.

However, the weather was more good than bad. Ice cream sales went up. Long underwear was used to create swimsuits. The new Star Wars film became the largest summer blockbuster of all time, defeating movies planned to release during that arbitrary shorter period we used to label “summer.” Greek life definitely felt the summer vibes too, as can be seen through the numerous organizations that didn’t hold any events this semester. Most importantly, many students from Tufts sat at home and slept until noon, living out their summer dreams. Summer was a wonderful time.

Now that we must face the chill of winter, it only makes those times that much sweeter. Sadly, Nick Jonas isn’t the Jonas captivating hearts with his warm gaze. No, instead, along with Snowstorm Jonas, the world faces Kevin Jonas, trying to kickstart his celebrity status with  another stupid reality show that people will have to watch since nobody is going to feel inclined to go outside for a while and hear “Jealous” at a mall.

Sigh, I’m pretty jealous of the world three weeks ago. The world was much warmer to me back then.


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