What Is Wrong With Mother Nature?

Over the past two years, the weather has been increasingly becoming more and more senseless. The seasons have started to blend into each other, without any warning whatsoever.

This winter has proven itself to be the climax of global warming’s destruction, with one of the strangest and unpredictable winter weather having occurred in the past few months. December was a complete mess, with winter nowhere in sight.

Before winter break—around mid-December— I would go to the gym with shorts and a t-shirt, there and back with no hesitation whatsoever. I can remember a week straight when temperatures were all in the upper 50s and low 60s. In mid-December! Now, I am a person who loves winter. I love the changing seasons, I love the cold, and I LOVE snow. A typical “Northeast” winter is something I look forward to experiencing every year, and December proved to quickly dampen my expectations.

As the month progressed, the weather only got stranger. On Christmas Eve, in New York where I’m from, it was in the upper 60s. On Christmas Day the temperature reached 70! It was actually colder in California on Christmas than it was in New York! I went into the city the Sunday after Christmas and I was sweating in a t-shirt and jeans. It’s almost as if mother nature was purposely trying to confuse and mess with us, by making a green rather than white Christmas. I swear to you: the only way you could tell it was even December in New York was by the Christmas decorations, as the weather signified something that of late April or early May.

Most of my friends relished these conditions, celebrating the fact that the seasons just weren’t a thing anymore, while I was genuinely concerned with what was going on with the world. When the record highs of December came to an end, I was ready for a January that I could count on, one that would bring some real winter temperatures and some snow.

Unfortunately, there was no hope in sight during the early days of January. I remember one Sunday during break being 60 degrees and the next day it was 30—that’s like going from April to December overnight! Whatever mother nature is doing to us, I really beg her to stop or just for the human race to get itself together and actually attempt to tackle the problem of global warming.

I can now say that winter has finally arrived, with the first snowstorm happening in late January. People everywhere in the Northeast finally got what they should have been experiencing over the past two months: winter.  It’s also funny because people have been acting like they have never seen snow after experiencing this past weekend’s storm. Granted people did get a lot of snow in some areas: 30+ inches in D.C. and Virginia, but Boston only saw a few inches. People in Boston acted like they had never seen snow, stockpiling on goods with inches on the ground when there was more than three feet on the ground only a year ago.

Whatever weather pattern we’re headed for in the latter part of January and February, I can honestly say I have no idea what to expect. I was going to bring my summer clothes home over winter break, but I didn’t. Who knows when I’ll need a beach tank top, a pair of shorts, and sandals in the middle of February?


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