Why I’m Rushing Some Frats

Two years ago, I was a junior in high school who liked to read and succeed. I was not a “Drinking and Barely Thinking” type. The most out-of-line thing I did was ditching study hall to go to chill with a friend at McDonald’s. I read The Economist and learned about Japanese politics while other classmates learned to play “water” pong. As a result, I had a mentality that brought me stress and college acceptance letters. I got into Tufts. I also suck at “water” pong.

I never would have believed that I would consider being a frat bro for a second. My number one school had no Greek life program. I was just a bro kind of bro to my bros back home. We would look at the stars, talk, and eat Chinese food together very often. We were always there for each other to vent about our struggles with the SAT and APs, video games, endeavors of romance, our growing muscles, how much food we wanted to eat, and tacos. My friends and I didn’t drink until we all got to college since we were too busy trying to find X instead of alcohol. They wanted us to find X, and DJ Khaled wasn’t around on Snapchat yet to tell me about “they.” But more importantly, I was perfectly alright with what “They” wanted me to do.

These days, I’ve made significant changes. I don’t need to get into details, but throughout the course of Senioritis (second semester of senior year) and college I have learned that working hard feels even better when you get to let loose sometimes. In all honesty, I made an unfair association of turning up, etc. with offensive, repulsive behavior commonly referred to as “being a douchebag.” My visions of frats were these houses filled with apathetic, arrogant, immature jerks and I wanted nothing to do with the lifestyle. However, over my first semester of college, I’ve made some realizations along with my OG bros. First, the bond that we shared was a brotherhood, a kind of… fraternity that’s quite difficult to replicate. Although I luckily have made some friends that I truly consider as real friends, my life still feels kind of scattered because my sense of friendship is spread throughout this campus and the old brotherhood is separated by thousands of miles. Second, a bunch of frats aren’t engaged in repulsive behavior (douchey), especially at Tufts. At this school, those I have met that are involved with Greek life are good people. The frats I’m rushing this semester have brothers that I respect and admire. I’d be down for spending time with them. They don’t fit the meathead stereotype pictured about frat life through Animal House and Monsters University. They fit the perception of being seemingly pretty cool guys. Because my old brotherhood was and still is pretty cool, being a part of another brotherhood seems like a step to take in order for me to seem a little less scattered while at Tufts.

It can seem as if I’m trying to buy my way into having friends. But, keep in mind that friends spend money on things they buy together all the time. Greek life just makes it formal because *sigh*… organization. Real friendship is something that can be encouraged through a group that has common values, and unlike growing up, we don’t have a decade to find bros who share common values without the aid of things like Greek life.

Another argument is that Greek life is fabricating a false sense of brotherhood. I don’t think this is true either. I’ll always be an OG bro. No doubt. It’s kind of like Star Wars. We will always have Episode 4, which captures our minds and evokes fascination with space lasers through a simple, yet epic story. The latest movie did its best to create this same kind of feeling of friendship, kind of like how a frat tries creating that friendship, and somehow it succeeded. Although Episode 7 has many similarities with Episode 4, it was a different experience. The lasers looked cool, but in a different way. Also, for example, the lead actress Daisy Ridley is hella gorgeous. (Daisy, if you’re reading this please leave a comment.)

Anyway, I think joining a frat will be like the 7th Star Wars movie of my life. Freshman year is going on and force is awakening. The great episodes of four, five, and six  will always be there and I’ll always come back to them. And we definitely shouldn’t talk about the prequel trilogy of middle school that had things even more embarrassing than Jar-Jar. The world needs more friendship. The universe just feels better with it. Overall, I like the whole concept of Greek life so I’m willing to give it a try.


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