The Aftermath of Holiday Eating

One day, in a vain attempt to combat the jet lag setting in at 7 p.m., I braced myself for the biting wind and trekked over to the gym. It’d do to get a good run in after two or so weeks of being sedentary, I thought. Upon actually entering the gym, it became clear that everyone else was on the same wavelength.

Getting to a treadmill before anyone else was a challenge in itself. Trying to run without feeling bad about the people obviously waiting was another thing. Seeing those gods amongst us mortals (also known as people who managed to stay fit over winter break) bust out five miles seemingly without a sweat, looking refreshed instead of a flushed mess, was just scary.

Winter break was one long temptation of Christmas cookies, pies, good home-cooked food, and indulging your inner couch potato. And with the ringing in of the new year, no doubt many people had “get fit!” or “lose weight!” or “get stronger!” as their resolutions. All are commendable and great for mental and physical health; I have to count myself amongst those masses as well. We all know about the existence of resolutions—yet I didn’t realize how noticeable it would be on campus.

Just walking towards the general area, gym traffic has increased by at least three times. In comparison with the sparse trickling of gym-goers during last finals season, everyone seems to have stuck to their resolutions so far— they’ve bundled up and faced the harsh winter weather conditions in order to get their workout in. Many people have commented on the increase of bodies, and joked about how long this combined sense of motivation will last. Let’s be honest here, we all know how these resolutions end up: going downhill as fast as the cardboard-turned-sleds used for low-budget college winter escapades. The ease of acquiring unlimited food from Dewick and Carm, classes picking up, the sheer hassle of putting on all your winter clothes in order to just walk to the gym, that pretty but annoying white substance called snow—people are making bets on when the gym will start emptying out, and for good reason.

(Or maybe I’m just extremely lazy. It’s most likely that.)

So, all the encouragement and appreciation toward the regular gym goers, but I’m afraid that within a week or two I’ll be falling back into my all-carb diet. Completing a month of my New Year’s resolution is good enough, right?



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