Dreaming With An Injured Foot

On November 7th, 2015, I injured my right heel by jumping off of a bed in my friend’s dorm room at New York University. It had been a while since we had seen each other, and we were celebrating. Luckily, I didn’t break anything, but it was difficult to walk for a while. Walking around Manhattan the next day was tough, but the problems only escalated in the walking-intensive environment of Tufts’ undergraduate campus. I have truly discovered how every day seems to be Leg Day at this school.

My first challenge involved walking to Tufts from the Davis Square Station. For some reason involving “breaks” and “safety of the drivers”, the Joey was taking an hour-long break, and since it would be more fun to stay an entire weekend in New York City, I decided to book my bus ride back home early Monday morning. This proved to have dire consequences. In order to attend my class at 1 p.m., I had to lug all of my luggage all the way up to the Barnum 008 lecture hall on the uphill part of campus at a quick pace. This was miserable to do with only one working foot. My left calf was burning like a Southern California wildfire, but my right one enjoyed the rest. This was the situation for the next few weeks as my heel healed.

I didn’t have time to visit Health Services for a bit because of all sorts of busywork I needed to catch up on. Plus, I didn’t think the foot thing was that big of a deal. But sadly, my heel still plagued me after a few days. On Veteran’s Day, I consulted some nice nurses at Health Services who weren’t bothered about the conditions that led to my injury. Their advice was to take ibuprofen and ice my heel. I took their advice and I think it worked. Along with the idea of wearing boots every day allowed my foot to have support, which made walking all the way down to freakin’ Tisch or the beloved Hodgdon less of a painful experience. (For better context, I live uphill.)

I couldn’t even visit the gym, and sadly I had to skip Leg Day for a majority of November and December. When I work out again, I will have my first Leg Day in weeks. My left calf won’t notice though, since it’s been holding me up since my injury.

There were other sorts of challenges, but they can be hard to describe with prose, so I felt that music could help me out.

The following original song is sung to the tune of “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” by John Mayer:

When you’re dealing with an injured foot,
Just showering is the hardest part
You stand on two feet and your foot then hurts
And you clean yourself thinking in curse words
Wondering, “Why’d I do that stuff”?
Showers are now pretty rough.”
Standing up, thinking ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…

When you’re dealing with an injured foot,
The walking up is the hardest part
They take you in with their judging eyes
Then in a dash, you hear an acquaintance
Wondering, “Is your foot okay?”
“Should I run and call up TEMS?”
Please do not, I’ll be fine fine fine fine fine…

Now do I have to fall asleep in a weird position?
‘Cause my right foot can’t and won’t take body pressure
Without pain it’s hard to sleep; I’ve become a bad rester
Do I have to fall asleep in a weird position?
Would I sleep well if I did?
No I won’t, ‘cause I go to school at Tufts…
When you’re dealing with an injured foot,
Walking uphill is the hardest part.

Luckily, my heel is now almost completely healed, just in time for my sanity to be injured by a gauntlet of finals and term papers.


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