Merilla & Rachel: The Highlight Reel

All of us Tufts students are well aware of this week: the last week of classes. Students are in denial. Professors are in denial. Hell, even the weather is in denial. This will be our last blog post on campus this school year, as we will be #StudyingAbroad during #Spring2k16. We figured there is no better topic to end on than one where we constantly talk about ourselves. So here are the high (and slightly less high because everything we do together is impeccable; scientists should really study our friendship) points of our relationship.

How we met: Merilla steals Rachel’s food and dignity
Fun fact (and this is true or not): How Rachel met Merilla was the inspiration for the hit tv show How I Met Your Mother. However, instead of disappointing a very loyal fanbase with the last season, our story is a crowd pleaser. Allow us to set the ~*mood*~: it’s our freshmen year. Our entire floor of Tilton Hall went to Dewick for dinner. As fate would have it, Merilla and Rachel were sitting right next to each other. Merilla noticed that Rachel got the seafood fettuccini and took her last shrimp. Without. Even. Asking. That’s right folks, Merilla took a stranger’s only source of happiness: her last piece of shrimp. Rachel vowed never to talk to this weirdo again, but the universe had other ideas. She even called her mom and complained about Merilla, saying that she hated her. Merilla went home and told her mom she made a new friend. Our friendship was clearly meant to be.

How connected we are: Egg in a grilled cheese
People think we “overexaggerate” our telepathic capabilities, but this story will convince any non-believer. Merilla had a dream that she went to her local diner. She decided to change up her food order and asked for a grilled cheese with an egg in the middle. The waitress was flabbergasted with this order and yelled at Merilla. The VERY next day, Rachel was hungry for lunch and wanted to get fancy. She was decided to make…(have y’all guessed it?)…a grilled cheese with a freaking egg in the middle! When Rachel texted Merilla this bomb lunch idea, Merilla told her the dream and we decided our soul is the same soul.

Bonding: Making our friends look bad in public
Relationships can only be formed with common ground, and luckily we both have the same morals. Shady, shady morals. Our regular pastime is annoying Kate Mieher, and this story is no exception. We were all at Logan airport in the security line going to Florida. Somehow, the TSA split us up into two separate lines, and Kate was all by herself. Seeing a perfect comedic opportunity, Merilla and Rachel started annoying Kate saying things like, “Mom. Mom. Mommy. Where are you? MOM!! Help us, we’re scared.” and “Mom. Mom, help. Where do we put our shoes?” Kate got so mad at us she yelled in the middle of security line, “I’m gonna slap the living sh*t out of you two.” Needless to say, the whole room went quiet and Kate looked like the bad guy. Nice nice.

Starting the blog: The final frontier
Believe it or not, we are subject to haters. For example, it was an uphill battle getting support for this from our loved ones when we first started How to Get Away with Blogging. Criticisms we heard included “this is dumb”, “literally who allowed you two to have a blog” and “this is my personal hell”. We didn’t listen to these haters because TLC taught us not to want no scrubs. Even with our non-supporters, we became an overnight sensation and are now Tufts’ only two-person a cappella group and the most prestigious one of all. Go us. How to Get Away with Blogging has given us yet another excuse to spend every waking minute together and create physical, online proof of all the crazy ideas we think of.

The future: Next semester
We are only capable of thinking so far in the future, so when we say “the future”, we don’t mean post-college plans because we have none (help). Rachel will be in Madrid while Merilla will be in London all of next semester. We’ve already planned out visiting each other during Spring break, but this will be the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in…a long time. We’re dealing with the impending separation anxiety by pretending we’re not even going abroad. We hope to continue writing our weekly blog from abroad, giving us an excuse to Skype each other every week, so keep on the lookout for your favorite blogging duo taking on European adventures.


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