Thanksgiving Special | Part II

I think I deserve some serious props for maintaining this blog from abroad. True, this blog is a self-congratulatory forum which allows me to talk about my life and entertainment obsessions, but I’m a busy student living in London, and it’s not always easy to write. Case in point: I’m currently taking the extremely crowded train back from Chippenham. Where’s Chippenham, you ask? I have no idea, but one of my American family friends and her British husband live there, and they just hosted an American Thanksgiving that I attended. (Chippenham is also apparently where Pride and Prejudice and part of Harry Potter were filmed, so it does have some movie pertinence to this blog.)

Two years ago, Jumbo Beat published the original “Thanksgiving Special,” recommending good films to watch on Turkey Day. My mom and I have a tradition of doing movie marathons on Thanksgiving. While I alas am away for this Thanksgiving, we’re planning on continuing our tradition over Christmas break. But if you’re going home for the holidays and have the opportunity to watch some TV, I have here for you the long-awaited sequel to my original article: Thanksgiving Special, Part 2. (Author’s note: since Thanksgiving is a rather narrow genre, these films are not necessarily holiday-themed.)

1. The Hunger Games series (2012-2015)

If you’re looking for an appropriate marathon, The Hunger Games is definitely for you! Not because it has anything to do with Thanksgiving, but because the newest film in the series, Mockingjay: Part 2, was just released! When you’re watching these movies, you can be thankful that you don’t live in a dystopian society which sends children to their televised deaths!

2. Lincoln (2012)

This movie is a stirring epic which details a specific portion in American history, namely the fight to pass the 13th Amendment through Congress. If you like social justice messages with your turkey, this is the film for you.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

Because it’s iconic, and it will make you feel five years old again. In this stressful day and age, who wouldn’t want a little nostalgia and a return to childhood happiness?

4. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

This is an adorable and criminally underrated movie about food and love. So it’s basically perfect for your Thanksgiving needs!

5. Friday Night Lights, movie or television show (2004, 2006-2011)

What’s Thanksgiving without a little football? Both the movie and the television show Friday Night Lights are brilliant insights into high school football, and both will make you cry copious amounts.

6. Jessica Jones (2015)

Okay, so this isn’t a movie, but Marvel’s newest television show was just released on Netflix last Friday. Jessica Jones is a true anti-hero, and her journey navigating the underworld of New York City in order to stop a nefarious villain is definitely one worth binging this holiday season!


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