How To Survive Dewick on a Sunday in Three Easy Steps

Sunday brunch at Dewick should be a priority. As you struggle to roll out of bed, the images of cheesy scrambled eggs and hash browns should be enough motivation to drag you out of the deepest of slumbers. However, in order to survive the gauntlet of Dewick-MacPhie Dining Hall and to consume your delicious brunch, there are several steps that must be followed.

Step 1: Brunch, not Dinner
Many make the mistake of opting to skip brunch and go to Dewick for dinner. This is unacceptable. The menu for brunch is of superior quality to that of dinner, the rooms are filled with natural light, and most importantly, there is not a wilderness dinner in sight. Never again will you have to meander around hopelessly looking for a table when all are occupied by large groups of freshmen and their “parents” playing rose, bud, thorn.

Step 2: Avoid the Corner of Death
Everyone has had an unfortunate encounter with the corner of the wall near the busing station of Dewick. You’re casually strolling from your seat to bus your dishes (how responsible of you), and suddenly, a wild student seems to fly from around the corner of death and bang right into you. Your dishes and food fly everywhere, along with any shred of dignity or pride you had. To avoid this peak of humiliation, simply take the stairs up and around and down again to avoid going around the corner and ultimately meeting your maker. Extreme? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

Step 3: Securing Your Favorite Dessert
Ah, dessert. Do not take lightly to seeing your favorite dessert on the menu. We’ve often swiped into Dewick with the sole intention of eating our favorite dessert. In fact, we’d suggest that immediately after swiping in, you should run straight to the dessert area, yank that fridge door open, and shamelessly take two plates of ultimate chocolate cheesecake.

Following these three steps will ensure that have a smooth trip to Dewick.


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