Our One Social Weekend of the Year (It Was Exhausting)

If you keep up with us like you do the Kardashians as you all should, you know that this past weekend we had the most epic day planned. And (shocker!), we actually did it! We laughed, cried, ate french fries, and filmed some scenes for our upcoming movie Staring at Couples Who Are Way Too Into PDA: A Saga. Let’s take you on a little trip (we don’t support drugs, we swear *nervous laughter*, but actually, we don’t; we just mean a normal trip as in a journey stay in school kids) through the greatest weekend of our lives.

Friday: Rachel loses all purpose in life
This weekend started off at a really low point. Unfortunately, Rachel’s OTP/soulmates4lyfe, Lola and Narcisse aka Lolcisse, from Reign are done (or as the youth would say “wrecked”). That ship (a youth term for “relationship”) sunk more quickly than a sailfish swimming on a good day (did you know sailfish are the fastest fish in the world at 68 mph? Yay learning but mostly Google). Rachel hates the writers for ruining a season and a half of Narcisse’s character development for a cheap moment of “passion”. She legitimately did not leave her room for three hours, which Merilla can confirm. When she finally left her room, multiple people asked her, “Are you okay? You seem lost and helpless.” Indeed she was. Fortunately, Merilla was able to coerce Rachel out of her state of melancholia by reminding her that Lola and Narcisse are, in fact, fictional characters and that Saturday was going to be the best day ever.

Saturday: This Day Was So Epic It Needs to Be Split Into Sections

Saturday Part I | The Prep
We planned to meet up at Rachel’s house at 8 a.m. and walk over to Mag Muff (an incredible breakfast place in Teele) together. In reality, due to light oversleeping we left Rachel’s house at 8:30, but whatever we tried. Rachel was pumped for the day to start, having woken up in line with her sleep cycles, while Merilla literally looked like she was slowly dying, having stayed up until 4 a.m. watching The Originals instead of going to bed. We both ordered bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on bagels and were so excited for them that we accidentally took someone else’s order that looked similar. The cashier was not amused, but the guy whose order we stole took it in stride. We both got coffee (hot and black for Merilla, light and sweet for Rachel) and strutted towards the T.

Saturday Part II | MFA
IMG_5390Merilla had to go to the MFA for her History of Ancient Egypt class and Rachel, who is not in the class, happily tagged along, having never been to the MFA before. Merilla’s professor gave an hour-long tour of the Egyptian and Near East-related exhibits while Rachel hid behind Merilla and whispered periodically, “What’s that?” Merilla responded with answers that were maybe 40% correct, but IMG_5388she tried and that’s what counts. We spent two and a half hours at the MFA and managed to hit a bunch of the highlights after the tour even though we got lost. Rachel tried to take a selfie with some art so that she could look cool to all of her Snapchat friends, but a guard yelled at her for taking pictures. Oops! Thankfully, we were able to take pictures in other parts of the museum, where we found our long lost love (Augustus). Rachel was able to represent Delta Gamma (we still don’t understand why this is funny, but hey that’s what the kids are doing), and Merilla found a new phone background.

Saturday Part III | The Break
From 2-4, Merilla had a cappella rehearsal, so we were separated for that period of time. Rachel texted Merilla at 2:15 saying, “Is it bad that I miss you already?” *cue audience “awww’s”*

IMG_6780Saturday Part IV | Saus
Before we knew it, we were back on the T and ready to go into Boston at 4:30, on our way to this amazing restaurant — Saus. We had been once before our freshman year and have been craving the bacon parmesan dip and fries since then. Saus didn’t disappoint, and we would even go as far as considering that meal a religious experience.

Saturday Part V | Primark
Ever since we discovered the existence of Primark and heard the raving reviews, we knew we needed to go shopping there as a reward for our hellish midterms. It was simultaneously the most liberating and stressful shopping experience we have ever had. The store is huge. Surprisingly, we were able to resist the urge to buy light-up Christmas sweaters. This was, amazingly, our first shopping experience together, and we were such enablers.

Merilla: OK. Let’s limit ourselves to five items of clothing and make sure to only get things we need.
Rachel: Deal.

30 minutes and 30 items of clothing later…

Merilla: I need this sweater because I only have 14 and 15 is a nicer number.
Rachel: Okay so, I absolutely need this oversized cardigan because then I’ll look edgier.

Our first Primark adventure was a successful one to say the least.

Saturday Part III + III (because we don’t know what the Roman numeral for 6 is) | The Hunger Games
Our favorite, newly-blond1 friend Ambika — Beaks for short — joined us for the last part of our day. We went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. We were neither emotionally, physically, or mentally ready for the movie, despite all of us knowing what was going to happen. During the underground scene, Merilla grabbed Beaks and Rachel’s hands and we all proceeded to aggressively hold hands for the rest of the movie (about an hour and a half). The tense buildup throughout the movie was so well done that we actually were left in a state of nervousness for an hour after the movie had ended. To get over this, we all went to the Commons after getting back to Tufts campus to chow down on chicken nuggets, fries, and mac n cheese.

Sunday: The Results of the Weekend
Rachel claims she’s okay, but hides in her room to search the “Lolcisse” tag on Tumblr, remembering the good ole days when they were in love. Merilla continues to deny the fact that her room is disgustingly messy. We have both vowed never to be that active again until we’ve had a full year to recuperate from the intense exposure to the real world. Things are back to normal.

Stay weird, y’all.


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